Lawmaker Wants Weah Resign…But The Ambassador Says It Is His Personal View

By Alva M. Wolokolie

The Unity Party (UP) lawmaker alleged that Ambassador Weah has not been effective and able to formulate any programs that would promote peace and reconciliation in the country.

Nyenka, a member of the House Standing Committee on Internal Affairs, Human and Civil Rights said Mr. Weah’s decision to contest the pending 2014 Senatorial race is an indication that he (Weah) cannot reconcile this country.

It may be recalled last year that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed Ambassador Weah to lead the country’s peace and reconciliation promotion process after the resignation of Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee. Gbowee resigned in October 2012, stating a number of reasons including corruption and differences in opinion on the pathway for national healing and reconciliation.

Recently, the Chairman of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Mr. George Solo has emphasized that government is not doing enough in achieving its promises to reconcile the people of Liberia. He also called on his boss Ambassador Weah to quit the government’s reconciliation job.

Speaking on a local radio station yesterday, Rep. Nyenka told the listening audience that in conflict resolution, an   individual cannot be a judge and a lawyer. He acknowledged that Weah has initially played his role as UNICEF   Peace Ambassador during the civil conflict in the country when he was soccer legend but his political garment cannot allow him to bring everyone together.

Nyenka, a former student activist at the University of Liberia (UL), described the decision of President Sirleaf to appoint Weah as Peace Ambassador as an error of judgment and if he does not resign it would cause problem for the country.

Constitutionally, the lawmaker said Weah has the right to contest any position of his choice but to lead a major opposition political party and serve as the country’s Peace Ambassador means his process to reconciliation will not yield fruition.

But in reaction to Nyenka’s comment, Ambassador Weah told the INQUIRER via mobile phone yesterday that if Rep. Nyenka believe that he (Weah) has done nothing to promote peace in the country, it would then be prudent for the lawmaker to recommend to President Sirleaf for his resignation.

Weah, an aspirant for the 2014 senatorial election in Montserrado County blasted that Liberian people love him because of his generosity shown the country during the civil conflict. He however decided not to give the lawmaker credence because his comments are his personal views.

Mr. Weah has advised Gabriel Nyenka to make good laws that would impact the lives of the people he represents and not to focus on him because he (Weah) has already been popular with the Liberian people. He indicated that the most important thing for Nyenka to contemplate on is to discuss how he (Weah) will sustain the job and bring peace to the people and not to fight someone who has contributed greatly to the growth of the country.

“He does not know his own responsibility. His points have no value; he is not credible. We hope he can pass good laws to benefit his people. Let him ensure that a Liberian can own an oil block through legislation. He has gone into the House to represent his own interest and not the interest of the Liberian people,” Amb. Weah asserted.