Intestate Estate Administrator Detests Today’s Demolition Exercise

Intestate Estate Administrator Detests Today's Demolition Exercise

The Administrator of the Jeremiah Harris intestate Estate located on Benson and Center Streets, Sam T. Solomon through his legal counsel Cooper Kruah has vowed to issue a US$2.5 million damage suit on anyone who attempts to demolish said building as the matter is already before the Supreme Court of Liberia.

Administrator Solomon took the Deputy Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Public Works, Victor B. Smith and his boss, Antoinette G. Weeks on prohibition before the Supreme Court for trying to interfere and or usurp the functions of both the Civil Law Court and the Supreme Court.

On September 6, 2007, a mandate was sent down by the Supreme Court to Judge Yussif Kaba by directive of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh to appoint registered and license surveyors to conduct an investigative survey, which was done, and survey report read to the Court.

While the case is pending, one Ayele Cox who termed himself an Administrator to the Deputy Minister Smith said he was requested to demolish the building which is the subject of litigation before Court but Cllr. Kruah of Henries Law Firm wrote and informed the Deputy Minister that the issue is presently pending before Court and has however vowed to demolish the building on the 15th day of October 2013.

In a communication to Ajavon-Cox, a copy which is in the possession of this paper and reads as follow states, “Per your request for the Ministry of Public Works to conduct a structural evaluation of the Emma Cox Building located on Benson and Center Streets, I write to inform you that an investigative evaluation was carried out to determine the structural soundness of the Building.”

Minister Smith informed Madam Cox that as a result of the inspection the following was observed by the assessment team; “failure on major supports of the building, roofing in major deplorable condition, major cracks both structural and surface on supports and exterior walls, failure on the beams of the slab of the second flat, causing seepage in the floor and the thermal expansion due to long life span of structure being exposed to solar energy.”

He wrote that based on the above mentioned assessment and the safety of the general public, the team recommends that occupants be served eviction notices and the building be demolished, a decision guided by the zoning regulations of Liberia.

However, the administrator said the recent decision by the Minister to demolish the building has brought fear in the tenants, which is tantamount to damages.