FAO, WFP, Partners Observe World Day this Week

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Food Programme (WFP), Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), and other agriculture sector partners will this week Thursday observe the annual World Food Day event at Fendell in Montserrado County.

This year’s celebration is being held under the theme “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition”. FAO announces the annual theme to highlight key agricultural issues and to help advocate for joint and collaborative solutions to agricultural problems, as part of efforts to end hunger.

World Food Day was established by FAO’s Member Countries at the Organization’s Twentieth General Conference in November 1979. The date chosen – 16 October – is the anniversary of FAO’s founding in 1945.  The event is celebrated each year by governments, UN, and food and agriculture partners all over the world. In Liberia, this year’s observance will be held on 17th October to allow as many partners as possible to participate.

The event comprises two components: planting of ten “trees of peace” to commemorate tens of improved agricultural growth in Liberia, and the World Food Day event itself to bring partners together and showcase achievements in agriculture. According to an official MoA, WFP, and FAO invitation to partners, this year’s activities take place at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Programme Monitoring Unit Annex, near the University of Liberia Fendell Campus on the Kakata highway.

The Agriculture College of the University of Liberia, FAO, and the Government through the Ministry of Agriculture will speak to young people at the event as part of intensified efforts to encourage more Liberian youth engage in farming activities. Crops, livestock, vegetables, processed and valued-added farm produce are among items that will be put on display. Farmers, cooperatives, NGOs, donors, and government officials are invited and most welcome to attend.