Pealat Debunks BIN’s Claim

The Management of the Pealat Construction Company (PCC) says its attention has been drawn to recent allegation from the Bureau of Immigration & Naturalization (BIN) accusing the Company of bringing into Liberia some four (4) Guinean nationals and employed them without legitimate work permits.

The BIN also alleged according to Pealat that the Guineans entered Liberia illegally through the Company and are allegedly working with the entity.

But in reaction to the allegation from the BIN aired on UNMIL Radio on Tuesday, the Public Relations Manager of the Company, J. Darlington Wleh said the Management was taken aback by such allegation emanating from the BIN without substantive proof.

Mr. Wleh, in a release issued on October 10, 2013 said, it was necessary to provide clarification on the matter given the gullibility of the Liberian society and expressed the hope that such clarification would help to disabuse the minds of those who have already been misinformed about the reality of the matter.

“We neither brought in those Guineans; nor are they working with Pealat as being alleged by the BIN, although documents in the possession of those four Guineans from our independent investigation are still valid contrary to information provided by the BIN,” Mr. Wleh said.

“It took us by surprise to hear the Public Relation Officer of the BIN on UNMIL Radio making such allegation indicting the Company of bringing in people without valid documents.  Pealat as a legal entity would not engage in anything that would undermine its credibility. We don’t have anyone in our employment that does not have legitimate documents,” Mr. Wleh explained.

“Our company is not carrying on employment now because of the rainy season as we temporarily closed down operations to wait for the dry season.  We are not engaged in any active road works now, so how can the BIN claim that the four Guineans were working with us? he asked.

According to documents in the possession of the Guineans, copies of which are available, they arrived last month and were arrested three weeks ago by the BIN. The Company ceased active work since July because of the rainy season and for the BIN to claim that they are employees of the Company is indeed a dilemma.

The Company noted that its investigation has established that four Guineans came in the country last month in an attempt to seek employment as ECOWAS citizens and were arrested and kept in detention by the BIN for three weeks without turning them over to the Guinean Embassy, although they were in possession of valid ECOWAS passports and Laissez-Passers.

“But it is our understanding that the BIN is using such allegation to tint the image of the Company in an attempt to shift blame because of its missteps in the handling of the situation. It is reported that the Guinean Embassy in Monrovia is seriously concerned about the manner and form its citizens were being treated by the BIN in violation of their rights as ECOWAS citizens.

Meanwhile, this institution has managed to obtain copies of the passports and Laissez-Passers of the people, confirming the legitimacy of their entry into Liberia, but there is no proof to establish their employment status with Pealat Construction Company as being reported by the BIN.