Toe, Rodney Must Utilize The Opportunity

FRONTPAGE MANAGING EDITOR, Rodney Sieh was yesterday released from detention temporarily on the request of his legal counsels who took advantage of the Criminal Procedure Law Section 34 Section 34.20.1, a section in the Liberian Code of Law Reverse entitled ‘Compassionate Leave.”

THE PUBLIC AFFAIRS Department at the Ministry of Justice told this paper that Mr. Sieh’s 30 days release was as a result of a request made by his legal counsels, Beyan D. Howard and Fornati Koffa to the Attorney General for the release of their client thereby evoking the law controlling.

UPON RECEIPT OF the communication dated September 27, 2013, the Attorney General, Christiana Tah, granted the request and instructed the Acting Superintendent of the Prison, Major Eric David to turn over Mr. Sieh to his lawyers with the instructions that he was not allowed out of the bailiwick of the city of Monrovia without the permission of the Assistant Minister for the Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

THE PUBLISHER WAS jailed for his failure to exhaust an appeal process entered by his legal counsels on his behalf at the Supreme Court while undergoing prosecution for libel suit of US$ 1.5 million levied against him by the former Agriculture Minister Chris Toe.

WE SEE THE government’s major move as an opportunity that can be utilized by the parties involved and that this opportunity can be used to foster greater discussions and negotiation. Perhaps the imprisonment may have created bottlenecks for the detainee but now that he is out, we think it has provided greater opportunity for a sincere dialogue.

SINCE THE TWO parties are willing to talk we feel they should still talk even thought this is a civil matter, it has an image problem on the country and this is why we are part of the process of finding an amicable solution to the satisfaction of the two parties.

WE WANT TO remind the two parties that in the reconciliation process, it is a matter of give-and-take meaning the two parties should be willing to compromise if and or necessary show remorse as a way of resolving the matter.

WE ARE NOW counting on the ‘Free Rodney Sieh’ campaigners to begin finding an environment for a positive dialogue and hope that the parties can make use of the opportunity provided so that in the process there could be an amicable solution for soft landing.