Ecobank Identifies With Public Schools

Ecobank Liberia Limited on October 5, 2013 joined other affiliates of Ecobank the world over to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI), the parent body of Ecobank Liberia.

Ecobankers in Liberia devoted the day to hands-on activities by involving in community service through the painting of several public institutions and donation of assorted learning materials.

Mr. Steve Howard, Head of Corporate Bank at Ecobank Liberia Limited, at one of the presentation ceremonies at the Juah Sarwee Elementary School in New Kru Town, said the event, the first of its kind was also taking place in 33 African countries.

He said the development of Africa exclusively rests on the shoulders of Africans, regardless of age. He noted the current generation is gradually fading away, so it is important to start investing in the youth. “At Ecobank, we believe that the future leaders of the continent must be given the requisite education to ensure growth and development. We must focus on our young people as they represent about 60% of Africa’s population. By contributing to their education, we can be certain that they will become valuable assets for the future development of the continent”.

Also speaking to Journalists Saturday, during the painting exercise in observance of Ecobank Day, the Managing Director of Ecobank Liberia, Mr. Kola Adeleke said the day is very important to Ecobank as it is just not Ecobank being celebrated but Africans that saw the vision of building and integrating the financial system of Africa.

He noted “Today we have a bank of over 10 million customers, about 21 billion USD asset base and 18,500 employees. So for us, it is a way of celebrating those that have made it possible for the growth of the bank. If the communities where Ecobank is operating did not accept the bank, or the vision of the founders of the bank, the bank would not have been successful over this short period of time. We are proud of the achievements the bank has made and it was made possible through the efforts of the communities where Ecobank operates”.

The Managing Director used the occasion to remind the public of Ecobank’s dominance locally and internationally. “We therefore needed to exhibit the pioneering spirit. This is the first time for a bank in Liberia to do what we are doing today”. Ecobank has a passion for Liberia and Africa in general.

Recently in July during Liberia’s Independence Anniversary, Ecobank partnered with UNICEF for the construction of a Children Playground in Bomi County and during the Christmas Holiday, the bank also donated assorted food materials and toiletries to Orphanage Homes in the country amongst others.

The Principal of the Juah Sarwee School, Mr. Robert Teah expressed gratitude to Ecobank for the initiative and urged other banking Institutions in the country to emulate the example. He said they were honored to have been selected as a beneficiary of the Ecobank community day initiative this year. “We appreciate Ecobank for what they have done. “The Juah Sarwee School has over 2,000 students and offers free and compulsory education.

The educational materials provided by Ecobank are more than enough. It will go a long way for this academic semester” he concluded. He pledged the commitment of the school’s management team to ensure that the items are used for the intended purpose.

Mrs. Cecelia Koisi, Principal of the J.W Pearson elementary School one of the beneficiary schools also commended Ecobank for the gesture. She stressed the importance of education noting, “Education is vital to empowerment in every aspect of life. We are overwhelmed by this initiative of Ecobank. Ecobank took us by surprise”.

Other beneficiaries include the Charles D. B king and B.W Payne elementary schools respectively.