Did Senate Call For Police Boss’ Dismissal?…Sen. Wotorson Sheds Light On The Issue

Recent reports in the media that the Liberian Senate has recommended to President Sirleaf to dismiss the Director of Police Chris Massaquoi for the presence of several ‘armed police’ officers on the ground of the Capitol Building, has been termed as untrue.     In a conversation with some media executives on Wednesday in Monrovia, Grand Kru Senator Cletus Wotorson said the communication sent to the President following the appearance of the Director before the Liberian Senate never called on the President to dismiss the Director.

Recently in was reported in the media that the Liberian Senate called on the President to dismiss and disrobe the Director on claims that he was not aware of several “armed police officers” when the Director appeared before the Senate following a complaint by Gbarpolu Senator, Armah Jallah.

It was also reported that the Senate also called on the President to disrobe and prosecute the Director for the ugly incident at the Capitol.

But in his conversation on Wednesday, he said although during the discussion on the issue, the issue of disrobement was raised, but was never the position of that body. He said the Senate only called on the President to “take the relevant and appropriate decision” against the Director for such behavior of police officers.

The Senator said the appearance and behavior of the police officers could have been seen as besieging the Capitol. He said these officers “took strategic positions at the Capitol” and began singing war songs, one of which was, “30 men can’t do anything to us,” is tantamount to coup d’état.

Senator Wotorson said the Director who was quizzed on the issue said he did not see his men on the grounds of the Capitol and did not even authorize the presence of the officers on the grounds of the Capitol Building; something he said created more misgivings in the minds of his colleagues.