Sen. Wotorson Urges Liberians To Sustain Peace

Grand Kru County Senior Senator Cletus Wotorson has urged Liberians to do everything possible to sustain the peace the country is enjoying after many years of conflict. He said with peace and stability, all other things, such as development will follow.

The lawmaker said the country has had more than 35 conferences for peace and we have voluntarily chosen democracy, through political parties and said that it was necessary for Liberians to keep the peace which continues to exist because of their “resilience.”

Sen. Wotorson, who is a senior statesman and one who has been in the public sector for years made the assertion yesterday at the Capitol Building during a conversation with some media executives on several national issues of concern, including recent calls for the resignation of the President of Liberia.

He said one of the problems facing the nation is the lack of information. He believes that information is not filtering down to the people, wondering as to whether this was due to the shortage of equipment or finances.

On the call for President Sirleaf to resign, Sen. Wotorson, said while it is true that these citizens have the constitutional rights to ask for change, but pointed out that this is guided by “certain norms,” as contained in the constitution which stipulates ‘how’ such change can come about.

He reiterated that any change that would be done must be done in the confines of the constitution, such as the electoral process, stating that any change outside the constitution would be “ridiculous and unacceptable.”

“We have to be conscious of what we say, how and when; you may not mean to cause damage, but how you make it can cause damage,” he admonished Liberians.

Likening the country to that of a boat, the Senator said Liberians should know that no matter where they find themselves, they are all in the same boat, and if it is not guided properly and sinks, all of them would be affected.

On the issue of poverty, Sen. Wotorson said because of the level of destruction done to the country during the years of conflict, “everything is a priority.”

He said the issue of poverty can also be handled by going beyond the orthodox approach by empowering Liberians and who would also employ Liberians. He disagreed with those who always said Liberians are not credit worthy.

He stated further that it is the responsibility of the government to institute measures to seek the best interest of the citizenry, while the political parties serve as ‘watchdogs for those elected, but within constitutional means.

He said while the government is making strive, there are still challenges.

The Grand Kru Senior Senator noted that the first term of President Sirleaf was focused on the issue of the international image of the country something he said has yielded some fruits, but noted that it was necessary for these gains to be   transmitted to the domestic level.

Regarding the oil industry, Senator Wotorson who is a geologist, and one time Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy, said the lawmakers did the best at this time, stating that the oil industry is dynamic, meaning changes can take place at anytime. He said there is misinformation because people do not understand the industry and do not read; maintaining that what they did “is the best.”