Agriculture Ministry Opens Up To Public Via Technology

The Ministry of Agriculture has launched its new website with the intent of highlighting its activities in the country across the globe by technology.

At the official launch of the new website at the MoA compound in Gardnersville on Wednesday, the Director of the Program Management Unit of the Ministry, Moses Zinnah said MoA has carried out its several activities and it has not reached the public domain due to the lack of an active website.

Dr. Zinnah said since 2009, the Ministry has not been able to have a functional website which made it appear like it did not exist and thanked the World Bank for its contribution, the Japanese Trust and the government of Liberia through the West African Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAP) for building the new website.

He said because of the modernization of the system through technology, the website will be the best tool used to highlight projects and issues relating to the Ministry while the Acting Agriculture Minister, Seklau Wiles, said in order to keep the information needed for the Ministry, everybody has to be a part to support the website with updates.

The WAAP Task Team leader for the World Bank office, Abimbola Adubi said the objective of the workshop is to enhance the ability of the MoA to share information via technology not only in Liberia but the world.

He said the website will not only engage in updating what MoA has done but the challenges in making things works in the sector adding, “Many things are happening in the Ministry and there is a need that the general public is informed.”

Dr. Adubi said it is an opportunity for people to see and read what is happening in the agricultural sector and urged the designers to keep it updated at all times  and provide answer queries or comments. He also said that Liberians must contribute to the site cautiously because in order for the site to be unique, it needs to be monitored to avoid future embarrassment.

Witnesses at the launch said the website is believed to be the channel through which the public can get access to information about agriculture in the country and pose question for clarity since it is very difficult to get an agricultural official to speak on a public talk show.