Preparation For 2014 Special Election Begins

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has begun the assessment of inaccessible communities in Liberia in preparation for the Voter Roll Update Exercise and the 2014 Special Senatorial Election.   The assessment exercise started Monday and is due to end by October 14, Joey T. Kennedy. NEC Director of Communications has disclosed.

The exercise is being conducted across the fifteen counties of Liberia by staff of the 19 Elections Magisterial areas.

The result of the assessment will inform the Commission in the formulation of schedules for deployment and allocation of personnel for the upcoming Voter Roll Update Exercise.

The teams are using Geographic Information System (GIS) maps and other essential materials needed for the assessment.

The assessment exercise is being sponsored by USAID through the International Foundation for Electoral systems (IFES).

At the same time, the Commission has begun the selection and accreditation of institutions desirous of conducting Civic Voter Education Activities for the Voter Roll Update Exercise and the 2014 Special Senatorial Election.

The process started on Monday and is due to end on October 26 and the Commission is expected to accredit 200 institutions for the exercise.

The institutions include Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations and Faith Based Organizations.