Nigerian Community Leaders Complain Of Detention…Accuse Ambassador

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

Three prominent elders of the Nigerian Community and Descendants Union in Liberia (NCDUL) were last week held in protective custody at the headquarters of the Liberian National Police (LNP) due to an alleged complaint filed in by Nigerian Ambassador accredited near Monrovia Mrs. Chigozie Fedelis Obi- Nnandozie.

The three Nigerians include: Mr. Yahaya E. Jalingo, Chairman of the ECOWAS Citizens Union of Liberia (ECUL) and de facto spokesperson of naturalized Liberians, Mr. Felix U. Ebeku, president of the Nigerian Community and Descendants Union in Liberia (NCDUL) and Mr. Uche Victor Agbasi, Financial Secretary Naturalized Citizens Union of Liberia.

According to a release issued by the leaders of the Nigerian Community and Descendants Union, the three men were invited on September 30, 2013, by the LNP at the request of the Nigerian Ambassador.

The release said police sources narrated that Ambassador Obi-Nnandozie alerted the police that the three men were allegedly planning to use their influence to disrupt the just-ended Nigeria Independence Day celebration which took place on October 1, 2013, at the Embassy compound in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

The three men being law abiding naturalized citizens of Liberia did not hesitate and immediately proceeded to the LNP headquarters to follow up on the invitation served them.

While at the LNP headquarters, the release is quoted as saying that sources at the LNP confided in them and the three men were briefly informed by the investigators that the Nigerian Ambassador Mrs. Nnandozie complained them about their alleged planned activities to disrupt the Nigerian Independence Day celebration.

Following brief interrogation by the investigators, the three men were asked to write individual statements, something which they did. In their separate statements they denied the allegation by the Nigerian Ambassador.

The men told the investigators that it was the Ambassador who invited two of them to the Embassy for a meeting in March 2013 but oozed them from the Embassy alleging that those Nigerians who naturalized here are unpatriotic to Nigeria and had no business to do so in an insignificant country like Liberia.

When this paper contacted the Nigerian Embassy yesterday morning to authenticate the allegation of the three Nigerian elders, our reporter was referred to the receptionist who also contacted a female via mobile phone to get the Ambassador’s official response.

While in the waiting room of the Embassy for more than one hour, a form was given to our reporter to fill in the reason of his visit which he listed. There were no communications from the Ambassador to get her side of the story. When our reporter decided to depart the scene, he was told by the receptionist to either wait or go.