Rocket Discovered In Chocolate City

Rocket Discovered In Chocolate City

A rocket was discovered on Sunday in the Chocolate City Community Clinic in Gardnersville.

Resident James Kpambu whose yard where the element was discovered under a palm tree disclosed that the tree has been undermined as the result of erosion thus causing the palm tree to bend above his house.

According to him, the possibility that the palm tree would fall on his house at any time and destroy lives and properties was imminent explaining how the palm tree was planted by his neighbor apparently to demarcate the land. He said that he has persistently engaged his neighbor to uproot and remove the tree which forms a boundary between their properties.

“On Sunday, my neighbor brought in men to remove the palm tree so they tied it with rope on one object and began to dig around it and it was in that process that they discovered an element that was later described as a rocket,” Kpambu explained.

He continued that the dangerous element was identified by a military personnel only identified as Borbor whom he said immediately advised the men to stop the process. The police was informed about the incident and officers were sent on the scene followed by UNMIL officers.

He concluded that since the discovery of the rocket in his yard on Sunday, government is yet to act swiftly to remove the death trap from the area which is also next to the Community Clinic.

There are speculations by the community people that the rocket might have inadvertently dropped there during the Operation Octopus when the ECOMOG forces launched the air raid on the then National Patriotic Front of the former Liberian leader Charles Taylor.