CBL Governor Honored In U.S.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Dr. Joseph Mills Jones has been honored in the United States by some major entrepreneurship groups for his valuable services to the growth of entrepreneurship in Liberia.

The CBL Boss was honored by the African Global Super Center in partnership with Cornerstone Consultancy International and the Women Entrepreneurship Program at an elaborate program held at the Crowne Plaza in Reading, Pennsylvania, the United States of America on October 2, 2013.

According to the Certificate of Honor presented to Dr. Jones, the two groups said the CBL Boss was being honored in recognition of his unprecedented, invaluable, committed and dedicated services toward the empowerment of the Liberian People and the strengthening of the Liberian economy through the practical demonstration of his indigenous approach to building Liberia’s economy.

The groups said one can be seen as achieving success if what he undertakes to do is producing positive results.

The groups said the Liberian people and the world are overwhelmed by the enormous and unprecedented invaluable financial and technical support the Liberian society has received; and is still receiving from the Central Bank of Liberia under the visionary leadership of Dr. Joseph Mills Jones in his capacity as Executive Governor.

“Studies of performance of Liberian businesses after you took over as Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia up to present continue to reveal significant transformation from the past,” the groups said.

They further noted that Liberian businessmen and women have seen a new day; access to finance is no longer an issue; acquisition of skills and knowledge through capacity building is a milestone achievement that is accelerating the growth and expansion of Liberian owned businesses.

“You, Dr. Jones, have been and continue to be the driving force behind the transformation process of indigenous Liberian businesses; and the transformation of the Liberian economy in general from a state of hopelessness to a state of hopefulness,” the two groups said.

Further recounting the effort of Dr. Jones, the groups said he spearheaded the release of appropriate financial and technical resources to support institutional, organizational and human resource capacity building of Liberian owned businesses through the Liberian Business Association (LIBA), Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), Liberia Credit Union National Association (LCUNA), Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLAs) and other business and women related groupings in Liberia.

“We cherish you for your people-centered mindedness and many invaluable economic and humanitarian interventions,” they intimated.

“Today, we honor you, Dr. Jones for bringing confidence to the banking sector in Liberia. Today, we honor you for the highest level of reputation the Central Bank of Liberia continues to gain under your visionary leadership,” the two groups added.

“Today, we honor you, Governor Jones for financial inclusiveness in Liberia. Today, we honor you, Dr. Jones for your support to the students of Liberia; we honor you for your support to the women of Liberia; we honor you for your support to the youths of Liberia; we honor you for your support to the civil servants and the workforce of Liberia; we honor you for your support to the petty traders of Liberia, we honor you for your support to the grass roots and masses of Liberia,” they further said.

“More so; we cherish and honor you for your continuous support to the Liberian people in general. Words are extremely inadequate for us to express; on behalf of the Liberian people and the global world, our esteemed gratefulness to you for your noteworthy accomplishments of indelible print,” the groups stated.

“We are aware of the price you are paying for doing what ought to be done. The commentaries being expressed in a handful quarters are not strong enough to derail your plan for building a vibrant indigenous business community, an inclusive financial sector, the Liberian economic landscape in general; and a  Liberia of equal opportunity for all,” the groups indicated.

The two groups said they are particularly impressed with Dr. Jones and urged him to remain steadfast, unmovable and unperturbed by a handful of external sentiments which are only aimed at keeping Liberian owned businesses and the Liberian economy in general at a perpetual state of despair.

“It took you; and we honestly mean you, Dr. J Mills Jones to recognize the plight of Liberians doing business and the Liberian economic landscape; and you continue to initiate practical steps to change the status quo,” they groups noted.

The African Global Super Center, LLC is a United States of America (USA) based organization in the vanguard of promoting investment and trade between Africa and the United States of America; while the Cornerstone Consultancy International is an organization based in South Africa.

The African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) for its part is comprised of forty-four (44) African countries; and is primarily focused on the empowerment and promotion of African women entrepreneurs in Africa and across the world. AWEP which is the brain child of the former United States of America Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has its headquarters in Zambia.

The award which was presented to Governor Jones by Mr. Vaughn D. Spencer, Mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania, United States of America (USA) was preceded by the reading of the citation by Mrs. Sylvia Litana Robertson.