Lion Stationery Store Sues 4 For Forgery, Theft Of Property

Four persons have been caught in connection with the stealing and forging of the signature on a cheque belonging to the management of the Lion Stationery Store.

The police declared offences allegedly committed by defendants Jessie O. Gee, Bobby Payne, Rufus Kaba and Joseph Gray as a violation of chapter 10 and 15 Section 10.4, 15.70 and 15.51 of the Reversed Penal Law.

According to the police detail wherein excerpts of the statement of each dependant is contained, it said the defendants were all charged with the criminal offences due to a complaint filed against them by Madam Jacqueline Massaquoi of the First International Bank on 17th Street on October 2, 2013.

It was reported that the defendants stole a blank cheque from the bank, faked the signature of Lion Stationery Store management with the amount of US$ 9, 500 written on it to be paid to defendant Joseph Gray.

The police detail sheet said all defendants made voluntary statements giving their sides of the story and defendant Gray who was arrested with the cheque when he went to make the deposit at the Fi Bank said he was made to understand from Bobby Payne who was introduced to him by his classmate Rufus Kaba that he did not have a valid ID card to transact business in the bank therefore they wanted him to do the transaction.

Defendant Kaba told the investigation that defendants Gray and Payne had been in constant contact via mobile phone and that it was defendant Payne who introduced defendant Gray to him and he noticed that they were indeed classmates from S.D.A. High School.

Defendant Kaba said and in his presence defendant Gray gave a passport sized photo to defendant Payne to prepare him an ID card to enable him withdraw the money from the bank. On October 2, early morning, they got onboard a green station wagon marked plate# BC-7480 and headed for the bank on 17th Street.

He told the police that they were awaiting defendant Gray outside when they noticed that he was arrested by the security and taken to the Liberia National Police Headquarters where he admitted that the cheque was given to him by defendant Jessie, an employee of the Fi Bank on Broad Street.

Defendant Payne, alias Master P, told the police that the conspiracy was carried out by defendants Gee, Kaba, Gray along with himself after preparing an ID card bearing the name of an entity called Liberia Commodity Export.

Defendant Gee’s statement contained similar information but said defendant Payne had gone into the bank to sell shoes and that earlier while sweeping he saw some printed cheques in the name of Lion Stationery Store in the customer service section and that he stole one copy and gave it to defendant Payne who he contacted by phone the same day.