Lofa Citizens On 2 Officials’ Back, But…

By Antoinette Sendolo

A group, under the banner ‘Patriotic Movement for Progress and Development’ (PAMOPAD) in District #4 Lofa County has accused Representative Mariama Fofana and Commissioner Anthony Kamara for allegedly receiving US$ 25,000 that was meant for development purposes of the district.

The group, in a release issued early this week said, the money was given by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf after the 2011 General and Presidential Elections as a sign of appreciation and was also intended for project activities in Quadougboneh District in Lofa County.

The group noted that Rep. Fofana and Commissioner Kamara are yet to give account of the alleged twenty five thousand United States Dollars to the citizens of the district.

In addition, PAMOPAD complained that Rep. Fofana is allegedly practicing nepotism and tribalism and it’s yet to balance the employment of her staff in her office taking into consideration the Lorma, Kissi, Kpelle and the Gbandi in the district.

PAMOPAD also alleged that Rep. Fofana has only employed Mandingos especially her closet relatives in her office.

Meanwhile the group has therefore voted a vote of no confidence in Rep.  Mariama Fofana and asked her to resign because according to them, her presence is causing more harm than good.

When contacted, the chief of office staff of Rep. Fofana openly denied all allegations levied against her and described the information as false and misleading.

Mr. Musa Korleh said that Rep. Fofana’s office is only aware of six thousand United States Dollars which was received by Commissioner Anthony Kamara from the President after the 2011 General and Presidential Elections as a sign of appreciation and to undertake a project in the interest of the district but it’s yet to get report from the Commissioner’s office on the kind of project undertaken.

Speaking to this paper, Commissioner Kamara in contradiction said he did receive six thousand United States Dollars and twenty thousand Liberian Dollars from the President.

He said a clinic was erected with the money given by the President and his office has since given report to the office of Rep. Mariama Fofana.