In Mercenary Trial: State Accuses Juror Of Lying About Identity

It is just the matter of time for Judge Yussif Kaba to entertain final arguments in the mercenary proceedings ongoing in Criminal Court “D” but prosecution is requesting the court to remove one of the jurors on grounds of ‘personal misinformation.’    Prosecution submitted a Bill of Information accusing one of the jurors, Jeremy Neufville of misinforming the court and prays the court to remove him from such high profiled jury trial and made to serve a common jail term of not less than six months.

In its seven-count Bill of Information received and filed by the court on September 30, 2013, the State lawyers observed that Jeremy Neufville has grossly and criminally misinformed the court about his identity having served in the capacity of a juror meaning he was made to give true information upon filling the jury form at the court.

The prosecution said being a member of the sequestrated jury sitting on the case, Jeremy whose actual name is Jeremy Dweh told the court that he was called Jeremy Neufville, his father is Paul S. Dweh Neufville and his wife is Hawa Sonii Neufville while his kids were Prince and Carlos Neufville respectively.

The State lawyers requested the court to conduct an investigation into the matter to establish the veracity of the information because their investigation proves that the respondent intentionally, criminally and maliciously gave false and misleading information about himself and his relatives as well.

Prosecution’s investigation took them at the University of Liberia where the respondent claimed to have attended bearing the name Jeremy Neufville and it was established that the university has no student with such name.

The lawyers proceeded to the Lonestar MTN Company to ascertain the name registered with the cell number provided by Jeremy to the court on the jury form and also it was observed that the individual possessing the cell number 0886541086 was Jeremy Dweh.

While the GSM Company made it a privilege information that the respondent’s father name also written during his subscription with the company was Paul S. Dweh and not Paul S. Dweh Neufville; an information prosecution has given notice to the court to produce records from the Lonestar Company in support if its claim when the Bill of Information is being heard.

Further to their claim the state lawyers said Jeremy worked with the Atlantic Maritime Stevdoring Company under the name Jeremy Dweh with which he received his salary or pay; to this information, prosecution gave notice also to provide records supporting their claim. Defense is expected to file a resistance to prosecution’s information.

Already, both defense and prosecution should have filed their legal memorandum and synopsis on or before September 30 as ordered by the court for final arguments into the trial but they seem to be requesting time as Judge Kaba has warned that any further acts to delay the trial means the argument would be done in the absence of their legal instruments.

Criminal Court “D” is currently supervising a jury trial of some 18 men charged with Mercenarism for their alleged roles in the crises in Ivory Coast but they have all pleaded not guilty. Those standing trial are Nyezee Barway, Morris Cole, Isaac Taryon, Stephen Gloto, Prince Youty, James Lee Cooper, Emmanuel Saymah, Moses Baryee, Sam Tarley and Ophoree Diah. Others are Alfred Bobby James, Jacob Saydee, Mohammed Massaquoi, Timothy Barlee, Junior Gelor, Emmanuel Pewee, Christopher Lakpayee and Fred Chelly.