We Concur With Governor Jones

ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2013, at an elaborate ceremony marking the official launch and dedication of a US$5.5m factory named and styled the National Toiletries Incorporated in Whein Town, Paynesville City, Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Executive Governor, Dr. J. Mills Jones, urged Liberians to put their money where their heart is. Dr. Jones who was delivering the keynote address at the occasion said such home is Liberia where all Liberians belong.

THE CBL EXECUTIVE Governor, an economist by profession further encouraged Liberians to play a key role in the development of the country’s economy noting that the new spirit of Liberian entrepreneurship is about action even in the midst of difficulties. Lecturing a sizable number of invited guests at the occasion, Dr. Jones said the new spirit of Liberian Entrepreneurship requires creativity, courage and a clear belief in the future of Liberia and the key role that Liberians must play in the development of the country’s economy.

JONES SAID THE new spirit of Liberian entrepreneurship is about creating opportunities when others see obstacles and about building alliances with potential business partners abroad. He further noted that it is about being trailblazers with the belief that Liberia’s future will be better. The CBL Governor whose administration at the bank since 2006 has been characterized by reforms and the empowerment of Liberians especially with access to finance said this new spirit of entrepreneurship is about the belief that Liberians must put their money where their heart is and that is in Liberia the place all Liberians call home.

DR. JONES SAID, “If we are to stay on the path of winning the war against poverty; if we are to build the Liberian middle class; if we are not to rely on government as the main source of employment and if we are to create wealth that is to be passed unto generations unborn, we need more of the new breed of Liberian entrepreneurs.” The CBL Boss said the speedy development of the private sector needs a clear articulation with the Government of Liberia being a major part of that effort.

INDEED, NO ECONOMY in any country around our globe can develop or had developed without the major participation of the citizens of that country. Thus this must also imply that a strong and vibrant Liberian economy can only erupt with the serious participation and input of Liberians because it is an open secret that no man can do for anyone what he cannot do for himself. We must therefore widen our scope on the development of our industries, push forward indigenous participation in our economic development and automatically make our dollar strong for international competition. This is necessary at times when we hear of the discovery of new resources along with the abundance of others we already have.

THE DEVELOPMENT OF our private sector can enhance the economic growth of our country and it cannot be done without the strong input of Liberians. Thus we agree with the CBL Governor on the points put forward. It is the development of the private sector in every country that can ease the burden on government to provide the needed ingredients such as employment.

LET’S PROMOTE THIS concept, draw closer its theory and strongly work toward its practicalization for a better society and rapid economic development in a country like ours which is endowed with rich human and natural resources. With this, we can develop and believe in a strong Liberian Entrepreneurship which is the only way to the economic emancipation of all Liberians if the war against poverty must be won. It is about time to stop paying lip services to the development of this sector and work for the creation of a middle class that we have been talking about some 166 years ago.

IF WE PUT our money in our own country and invest for the improvement of ourselves and country, Liberia will rise from the ashes of ignorance, disease and poverty. It is only disheartening that Liberians will not invest in their country but choose to use their resources to develop places that are already developed and ahead of us economically and infrastraturally. If we serious invest in our country, our security and growth will be guaranteed among the comity of nations.