‘No Way For Anti Peace Elements’…Says Conmany Wesseh At Peace Initiative Forum

'No Way For Anti Peace Elements'...Says Conmany Wesseh At Peace Initiative Forum

The Chairman of the 10th Anniversary of Peace in Liberia, Conmany B. Wesseh says Liberia will continue to triumph over anti-democracy and anti-peace forces.    In a statement of solidarity forwarded to the at the Launch of the Liberians for the Protection of Peace & Development on Friday, Mr. Wesseh, who is also Minister of State without Portfolio, said Liberians have “won over those who want us return to the dark days of the past.”

“We achieved ten years of peace today; and ahead, we shall have and must secure tens of hundreds of years of peace for ourselves and our children and our children’s children and beyond,” Mr. Wesseh said.

Ambassador Wesseh said the initiative is a key outcome of “how Liberians have imbibed and internalized the ten years of sustained peace won by our sweat, tears and blood,” noting that the launch of the initiative “further increases the flame of hope, of dedication and commitment to, of love for, and of faith in motherland.”

In the launch statement, the chairman of the movement, Musa Bility expressed conviction that Liberians “must rise up, stand firm and … focus on what we can do to protect our peace in order to improve upon the democratic platform.”

He added that “when we work for peace and development we can sustain our democracy and have more peace to live and work in peace.”

The launch also heard from the representatives of several political parties, including Orishall Gould of the Alternative National Congress,  Chairman emeritus of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) Chief Cyril Allen, NPP Secretary General Andrew Peters and Ms Matilda Parker, Chairperson of the Unity Party Women Wing. The various partisan representatives denounced any forms of violence and expressed gratitude for the level of development in the country and the peace Liberians enjoy today.

Also in attendance were the leaders of various interests and civil society groups, including Robert Sammie of the Motor Cyclists Union, Madam Lusu Sloan of the Liberia Marketing Association, the President of the Yana Boys Association, among others, who renewed concerns for the promotion of peace in Liberia.

A statement from the secretariat of the LPPD described it as a cross-section of Liberians from all shades of the country’s political, religious and socio-economic landscape aimed at rallying Liberians to a single cause of protecting Liberia’s peace and democratic gains after ten years of peace.

The statement added that the LPPD Initiative has as its rallying theme “Liberia- Our Peace, Our Future” which encapsulates the over-arching need for all Liberians regardless of our diversity to jealously protect the much cherished peace to reap to benefit from the dividends of a brighter future.