ANC Reaching Out In The Counties…Holds First Major Training Activities

Liberia’s newest political party, Alternative National Congress (ANC) has begun expanding its branches throughout the country and building the capacities of its members.     The party’s acting National Chairman, L. Orishall Gould explained that the Party was founded based on the need to form a political institution void of a particular individual influence.

Mr. Gould who addressed some partisans at the opening session of a Leadership Trainer of Trainers (TOT) workshop in Monrovia said the ANC is an institution, which does not build itself around an individual “who will see himself as a ”demagogue”; that when he or she is no longer a member of the party, the party dies.

According to him, the ANC is a party that builds itself around ideas and values; as a result, the party, as of now has no standard bear or political leader. He said the standard bearership of the ANC will be contested for in 2016, during its primary across the country.

Mr. Gould also clarified that the ANC is not a break-away party as it is perceived by some people; instead it is the conglomeration of people from the various political, social and religious backgrounds including others who had not joined a political party before.

“These people saw the need to form an institution void of the vices that affected them one way or the other in other institutions they came from, so to say that the ANC is a break-away party, will be a disservice to those who came together to find an alternative for the country,” Mr. Gould stated.

The Party’s acting Chairman indicated that the leadership of the party comprises of 34 executive committee members, 15 county chairpersons, 6 Regional Coordinators, zone and block heads,  according to the ANC structure.

He admonished party leaders not to be complacent; they should go out and recruit new members since they are members of the recruitment, mobilization and membership committee, in preparation for the mid-term senatorial elections.

Mr. Gould reminded the partisans that national unity and oneness of the purpose is critical to building a stable Liberia, and that education is essential to the development of the human spirit and the nation.

He said the youths represent and embody their future and so they must therefore develop a national youth policy that provides education and training for young people.

The Saturday September 21, 2013 Leadership Trainer of Trainers (TOT) workshop brought together over 40 county chairpersons, Regional coordinators from the six regions of Liberia.

The aim of the workshop was to train local party leaders across the country in the areas of mobilization, recruitment and documentation.

Those leaders are expected to go back to their various counties and districts and train other local party leaders in the various disciplines they acquired from the workshop, while the party is concluding the setting up of party structures across the country.

During the workshop, the party’s leadership of the fifteen counties were trained and they were supplied with generators, membership forms, party’s constitution, party’s due books, cell phones, ID card laminators and ledger books.