Bishop Isaac Winker Wants Gov’t Officials Abide By The Law…Urges Senators To Drop Charges Against Police Boss

The General Overseer and Bishop of the Dominion Christian Fellowship, Isaac Winker has urged government officials  including lawmakers to abide by the laws their predecessors left behind.

The dominion clergyman made the call over the weekend during a special intercessory service held for former Liberian  President Charles G. Taylor at the Dominion Christian Fellowship in Congo Town.

According to Bishop Winker, government officials should set the precedence for the ordinary people to follow, and  should know that if they set bad precedence the ordinary people will follow suit. If they set good examples, the ordinary  people will emulate.

Bishop Winker used the occasion to appeal to the Senators to drop all charges against the Inspector General of the  Liberia National Police (LNP) Col. Chris Massaquoi who was recently summoned by the senate for discharging his statutory  duty.

The Senators mandated that Director Massaquoi be summoned to Senate Plenary to answer to contempt charges.

Recently, the Director of the LNP in line with his duties and responsibilities apprehended a traffic violator who claimed  to have been a Senator of Gbapolu County. Even though the Senator himself was never onboard the vehicle, but he insisted  that his vehicle should benefit from all immunities that are restricted to him, even though traffic violation is not part  of his immunities.

Senator Jallah also misinformed his colleagues that he was in the vehicle on his way to execute his official duty when  the Director of Police obstructed him, something which is in total violation of the Constitution of Liberia as it relates  to the Legislature’s benefits and immunities.

Eyewitnesses also confirmed that the Senator was never riding in the vehicle when Director Massaquoi apprehended the  vehicle for traffic violation. One eyewitness account is that; “it was the driver and a lady in the vehicle when the  incident occurred and not Senator Amah Jallah as he claimed”.

The Senators in their judgment called on the Liberian leader to disrobe and prosecute the Police Director for his  action but the Bishop of the Dominion Christian Fellowship has urged the Senators to drop all charges against the police  chief for the sake of reconciliation and lawful precedence.