NOVAFONE Launches 0555 As New 10-Digits Numbering Plan

NOVAFONE, in accordance with the directives of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority(LTA) launched on Sept 19th  the new ten digits numbering plan.

According to a communication from the company the previous “05” will be replaced by “0555”. Novafone  said it is  very important to note that subscribers need to add “55” to the existing code of “05”, followed by the NOVAFONE number.

The company said thus if  a customer’s number is (05-XXXXXX), with the new numbering plan it becomes (0555-XXXXXX),  noting further that  NOVAFONE customer care agent  are available on 111 or on 0555- 600111 instead of 05-600111.

“There could be no better time to introduce the new numbering plan as Monrovia is gripped by the feverish excitement of  the Novafone launch celebrations,” explained Mrs. Rebecca Mckitterick, the CCO of NOVAFONE.

She added “NOVAFONE is ready to transform the telecommunication industry in Liberia with innovative, affordable, and  customer friendly products and services. Everyone should take advantage of our special launch offers and enjoy the fastest  internet service in the country. We hope you enjoy our new brand, NOVAFONE, beyond Words”.

During the transition to the New Numbering Plan, subscribers will be allowed to use both the current number format and  the new format, while subscribers will be subsequently informed as regards the migration to the new platform and  subsequently notified by means of voice message about the new number format.