Keeping And Maintaining The Peace

PRESIDENT ELLEN JOHNSON Sirleaf last Saturday issued a Proclamation declaring September 21, 2013, as “International  Day Of Peace” which was observed throughout Liberia as a Working Holiday. The Proclamation requests  Government Ministries  and Agencies, the civil society, national and international organizations as well as learning and religious institutions,  market and  other  dwelling places  in the country to cease  their usual movement and observe a  Minute of  Silence  commencing at  12 noon  on that day.

ACCORDING TO THE Proclamation, the  Global Theme for this year’s Peace Day is “Education For Peace”; While  the  National Theme will be : “Peaceful Land: Building Peace Through Fair Land Policy”. The release further stressed that  Liberia, which was among the first fifty (50) countries to sign the Charter establishing the United Nations on 24th October  1945, with the mandate to save further generations from the scourge of war and to promote world peace, is currently among  those countries benefiting from the United Nations Peacekeeping Missions around the world.

THE PROCLAMATION STATES that the 2013 International Day of Peace celebration holds a special significance for the  Government and People of Liberia as the nation reflects on land rights and tenure as critical factors for a secure,  peaceful and inclusive Liberia. According to the Proclamation, Liberia has come to the realization that land ownership,  administration and use remain challenging issues in which the nation attempts to address through a series of policies and  laws intended to confront longstanding injustices to institute and promote peace, fair and just practices, adding that  Education on the land rights policy has become an imperative relevant issue to the national context.

WE JOIN THE President in calling on all Liberians to continuously observe and keep the peace which Liberia is  enjoying after years of devastating civil war that took the efforts of the United Nations (UN) and Liberia’s West African  neighbors and peace loving Liberians to sustain. It is good that we live in peace to continue the efforts of nation  building and the restoration of those national, cultural and infrastructural heritage that were destroyed as a result of  the civil war.

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the Global Theme for this year’s Peace Day which is “Education For Peace” coupled with the  National Theme :“Peaceful Land: Building Peace Through Fair Land Policy”, we are also calling on the Government of Liberia  to design strategies and or implement assisting laws that are in place to ensure the peaceful resolution of land disputes  through the country. As we observe and are endeavoring to maintain and sustain this peace, fair but equitable land  distribution in the country will go a long way in ensuring lasting peace for all. Let’s ensure that the issue of land is  something that has the propensity to derail Liberia’s ten years of sustained peace, thus steps must be taken to address  this issue with sincerity and a sense of fairness.

ON THE INTERNATIONAL theme for this year’s World Peace Day celebration which is “ Education for Peace,” authorities  administering the affairs of the state should know that it is only education that can ensure the total liberation of people  anywhere and as such serious emphasis must be placed  on the education of the Liberian youths who without any doubt are the  future leaders of the country. To sustain the peace, stakeholders in the educational sector must be held accountable to  ensure the proper conduct of the sector and not only paying lip service to this great national endeavor.