Citizens Resist Division In Bong Co. Dist.

By Edwin G. Wandah

Residents of the Fuamah Districts in Bong Mines, Bong County are said to be sensing major division amongst them which  they said is being carried out by a Deputy Internal Affairs Minister (name withheld).

According to a Youth Group, the Progressive Youth in Defense of Fuamah District a group working in collaboration with  the Fuamah District Youths, the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister has on many occasions fuelled tension in the District, an  act which they said has created serious embarrassment in the District.

Speaking yesterday to journalists in Monrovia, the leader of the Progressive Youth in Defense of Fuamah District,  Samuel Morris, said the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister has allegedly formed a renegade youth group, the Progressive Youth  Platform that has refused to work in line with the District.

According to Mr. Morris, Fuamah District is not a place of confusion, where anyone can come and ferment confusion and  misunderstanding, thereby creating a separate group that is bent on creating chaos in the district.

The Progressive Youths in Defense of Fuamah District leader told journalists yesterday that after citing the management of  China Union over failures to meet up with its concession agreement in Bong Mines, the citizens and the Management of China  Union decided on Saturday to amicably sit on a round table and better discuss finding positive ways of resolving their  problem.

According to Mr. Morris, contrary to that, the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister (name withheld) secretly diverted the  meeting to the headquarters of China Union, with the Minister and his newly established Youth Group, “the Progressive  Platform Youth”, a group secretly operating under his direct orders, but without the knowledge of the citizens who have  come from the entire district to attend the pending meeting.

“We were very astonished on Saturday when a group no one knows about barricaded the fence of China Union detesting no  entry to the compounds of China Union in the District. Those guys had weapons, I mean; they were armed with deadly  instruments like sticks, rusty irons, knives and any dangerous thing you can think about. Three of our citizens got wounded  in the process,” Mr. Morris stated.

“This thing is politically motivated; there were former political aspirants making the number of the protesters huge and  motivating these renegade boys who are all out to impede the peace we have,” Mr. Morris stated.

“Our fear is that if this unwholesome act is not curtailed, our people will suffer. We will all pray for peace and unity  amongst our people, but if some of our citizens decide to take the other trend and leave the masses in the cold, then there  is a serious embarrassment that needs an urgent solution. We are one people living in this district and not a divided  district; we would rather embrace peace and unity, development in the face of nation building and not acts of confusion and  hatred; we are traditional people that believe in being your brother’s keepers, but anything other than this, we believe is  from the devil and should not be given credence,” Mr. Samuel Morris averred.

According to Residents of District number seven in Bong County also known as Fuamah District, the residents have decided  to officially complain this Minister to the Bong County Legislative Caucus for acts called abridge of citizens’ rights.

According to them, in the agreement with China Union, there were several things outlined for China to undertake.   They  said, the rehabilitation of the camp houses, paving of major road connections and providing jobs for the citizens were key  on the agenda.

But according to the group, these things have not been done due to what they called people politicizing their interest.