Strengthen The Inspectorate!

EARLY THIS WEEK, it was discovered that a company named Atlantic Builders located at the Red Light brought in a consignment of counterfeit electrical breakers with fake name ‘Havells’  inscribed on its pack, ‘Made in India’.

THE MINISTRY OF Commerce investigation established that the products in question have vast differences with the original Havells breakers made in India and as a result the Ministry has begun removing the fake products from the Liberian market.

IT IS REPORTED that the Ministry has also put an immediate halt to the importation of said electrical breakers into the country.

THIS INDEED IS a welcome move by the Ministry of Commerce which has the mandate to approve, investigate and or put a stop to the commercialization of products on the Liberian market.

IN AS MUCH as the Ministry which is the regulatory arm of government can boldly say that fake goods have entered the Liberian market; this sends out a signal to the consumers of such bad products that the inspectorate needs to strengthen.

IMAGINING THAT IT is only at this time that the Ministry of Commerce can issue statement on goods in the country with fake trademarks and has the propensity to exploit Liberians as well as dupe consumers while we also take into account previous fake or bad products that have already flooded the market and are consumed by the public including medical supplies.

THIS IS A serious matter and needs to be addressed by the enforcement of the inspectorates into the Liberian commerce who will work to curtail some of the ugly acts that pass in containers under the cover of darkness sometimes with or without the knowledge of the Ministry of Commerce.

WE CALL ON the commercial sector responsible for inspection to double up on its strategy if there had been any in the first place because commerce is a gateway to Liberia’s economy and should not be left volatile.

THIS HAS BEEN going on too long and we think it is about time that you focus more on the inspectorate arm of government to regulate goods or products that come into the Liberian market because by doing so will save the country’s economy and restore the trust and confidence the public has in doing business on the Liberian market.

GOOD ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES are the basis for safety in any country therefore the Ministry of Commerce should heed to strengthening of the Liberian inspectorate.  A HINT TO THE WISE IS QUITE SUFFICIENT!