Lebanese Assaults Pregnant Woman

A 19- year old pregnant girl, Marilyn Cooper, who was allegedly assaulted by a Lebanese businessman only identified as Adam has been admitted at the S.D. Cooper Hospital under doctors’ supervision.

Victim Cooper went into coma when Mr. Adam allegedly kicked a gallon she used as her seat to sell her goods in front of his truck which had been parked in front of his Fresh Frozen Food Store, Branch #3 in his Gardnesville Supermarket for months. He denied assaulting Marilyn but admitted to the police of kicking a gallon under his truck because those selling near it have damaged the lights on the vehicle.

The case was transferred to the LNP headquarters when officers at the Zone 4 Police Depot at the LPRC Junction tried to detain journalists who had gone to gather report on the status of the matter since it occurred last Thursday.

The OPS ordered that journalists be prevented from leaving the zone since infact they did not seek permission before conducting the interview which was done outside of the police station. Before the interview, it was observed that neither the CO4 nor the alleged perpetrator was present and that the victim had been at the station all morning in her present condition without any officer to even look in her direction.

Journalists upon receiving tip off that the police at the depot were becoming lackadaisical about the matter decided to ascertain what was occurring and immediately they reached the zone, an uncle of the victim began narrating the incident in the police office but was immediately thrown out along with the journalists for what the female officers present, claimed as noise.

Following police intervention the journalists and the victim were escorted to the LNP headquarters by order of a director and while at the headquarters, the group was turned over to the Deputy Chief of Patrol. While the trial was being proceeded with, several high ranking officers entered the offices of the Deputy Chief of Patrol and tried to intervene apparently on behalf of the Lebanese who still had not admitted to assaulting the girl.

The case was then put on hold seeing the condition of the girl with assurance that she be taken to a hospital for thorough check-up after which time she can return to the police to prosecute the case further if she desires but even the case file could not be retrieved from the Zone 4 Police Depot or found anywhere at the headquarter. Investigation continues.