Commerce Warns Against Fake Breakers

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr. (Cub Reporter)

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MCI) has warned against the sale of counterfeit materials on the Liberian market to help protect the interest of Liberians.

In an exclusive interview with the Assistant Minister for Industry, Sei W. Gahn, said that early last week, they discovered that sometimes ago, a company named Atlantic Builders located at the Red Light commercial District brought in a consignment of fake electrical breakers with a bogus name Havells and was inscribed on its pack “Made in India”.

Minister Gahn added that they are going to have people on the field to monitor goods in the Liberian market and also said that the investigation further established that the product in question has vast differences with the original Havells breakers made in India.

Minister Gahn stated further that as a result of this discovery, they have invited the public to provide information to alert the public about these fake electrical breakers and that they have also begun removing these items from the market.

He pointed out that they have also confiscated about 69 packages which will be disposed of very soon and that they are still searching for the rest and if anyone is in possession of the products as described the Ministry is therefore urging the public once again to turn them over to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

Minister Gahn concluded that it should be known that they have mandated the Atlantic Builders to stop the immediate importation of the fake HAVELLS electrical breakers into the country and that the Ministry will institute punitive measures and also impose the appropriate fines for any incompatible acts committed by Atlantic Builders.