Electoral, Legislative Delegation Observing Rwanda Elections

A five-man electoral and legislative delegation from Liberia after a splendid performance on a study tour of Rwanda has been given an observer status to observe that country’s parliamentary election.    The delegation headed by Cllr. Sarah Toe, Co-Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) comprises of Representatives Gabriel Smith, Edward Forh and Richmond Anderson as well as Mr. Peter Kieh Doe, Public Information Officer of the National Elections Commission.

According to Mr. Doe, the study tour began on September 7 and ended on September 14 at which time the delegation was asked to observe Rwanda Parliamentary Elections. He said the National Electoral Commission (NEC) of Rwanda was pleased with the Liberian delegation’s work during the study tour.

Mr. Doe said the study tour was designed to share experiences and learn from each other on election administration and management.

He noted that the tour was also organized to acquire more knowledge in legislative development and a better understanding of the oversight function of the election Commission by the Legislature.

On the Rwanda Parliamentary Election, Mr. Doe said the exercise began on September 16 and is expected to end on September 18 following which the delegation will return to Monrovia.

The Liberian delegation is observing the election in all provinces of Rwanda namely the North, South, East and West; Mr. Doe told the INQUIRER in an interview via telephone from Kigali, Rwanda.

Mr. Doe said the Liberian delegation was given a special status to observe the election alongside others from the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU) and the Commonwealth Observer Mission.