LWSC Needs US$5m To Expand Water Supply

The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) has set US$5m as an initial target for the expansion of water supply to various parts of Montserrado county.

LWSC Managing Director, Mr. Charles Allen, said the said amount which is been sorted for through the national budget will help in expanding the supply of clean drinking water to New Georgia, Stephen Tolbert and the E. Jonathan Goodridge Estates and their respective environs.

Mr. Allen said although US$5m is a small amount when it comes to the supply of clean drinking water , the LWSC is seeking this amount to enable the Corporation expand and increase its water supply capability to the people.

Speaking to reporters following a major public awareness campaign on the activities of the LWSC held in the Township of West Point, Mr. Allen called on Liberians to prevail on their lawmakers to ensure that serious allocation is made in the budgetary process for the supply of clean water.

Earlier, Mr. Allen educated residents of West Point about the importance of using clean and safe drinking water saying, “Water is life and it must be used properly for the good of mankind”.

The LWSC Boss said the Corporation is committed to providing water to the Liberian populace and his administration was doing everything possible to achieve this goal.

At the LWSC sponsored safe drinking water awareness held at the N.V. Massaquoi Public School in the Township of West Point, several dramatic clubs, cultural dancers and the great comedian Georgie Butini entertained the public and brought messages promoting the essence of drinking safe water.

Awareness was conducted on the usage of LWSC facilities with the management giving out hotlines that could enable the residents reach the Corporation in case of any damage to their facilities.

Meanwhile the LWSC Management has vowed to take the awareness program to other communities in Montserrado County especially where the Corporation is providing pipe borne water.