Civil Society Org. Detests Action Against Chris Massaquoi

A consortium of civil society groups have expressed dismay over the manner and form the argument and debates on the discussion to disrobe the police boss Chris Massaquoi has taken at the level of the first branch of government.

In a statement under the signatures of the leaders of eight different groups, they said their attention has been drawn to the disrobing of Col. Massaquoi for allowing officers of the Liberia National Police to barricade the compound of the Capitol Building when he was called for questioning by that august body.

“In no way can such argument or debate be entertained in a well organized and civilized world. We only see this in Liberia where our Senators put the country and its people interests under the table for their selfish gains,” the group expressed.

“We are disappointed in them and are calling on the Liberian Senate to rethink its decision and withdraw the communication sent to the President of the Republic of Liberia,” they requested.  The group said the Legislature should applaud the police boss for his strategy in reducing crime rates across the country and containing cross border attacks.

They said the only way to maintain peace and security is to build cohesiveness among State actors so as to muster the democracy enjoyed by the citizenry instead; the Liberian Senate has failed to perform the functions for which its members were elected.

Venting out their frustration even more, the group said the passage of the Decent Work Bill is one that intends to compound economic hardship coupled with the high increase of US rate to the Liberian dollar in the country.

The group observed that the Liberian Senate chose to focus on the police boss when the minimum wage bill just passed by that same body at the rate of US$6.00 per day is unable to address the  contemporary economic hardship for their electorates.