Woman Begs For Assistance…Needs US$1,000 For Medical Treatment

By Melissa Chea-Annan

A 39-year old Decontee Doboyou was seen struggling to enter into the offices of The INQUIRER early this week to explain her plight.   Everyone who was seated in the corridor of the building wondered why a young woman would walk as though she was carrying some heavy burden between her legs. She had a black umbrella in her hand as a means of support to enable her balance herself.

As soon as she entered the office, she struggled in finding the first word to say and so she was mute for a moment before saying in a faint voice, “Is this the Inquirer newspaper office?” The receptionist was quick in responding to her question, thinking that Madam Doboyou needed some information on the cost of publishing a death announcement, judging from the sound of her voice.

The next statement from ailing Doboyou was, “I am sick and I really need help because I am dying slowly. Can you help me inform the public about this?”She was then given a chance to explain her story.

According to the 39-year old woman doctors at the Mawah Clinic in Vai Town and JFK Medical Center in Sinkor told her in separate statements that she has hole on the two sides of her pelvis which they said is dangerous to her health and further puts her life at risk.

The word pelvis is generally used to refer to that part of the body just below the abdomen, which is the area where the trunk joins the legs. Four bones make up the bony pelvis, with two hip bones, called the innominate bones, forming the front and sides, while two bones at the bottom of the spine, known as the sacrum and coccyx, complete the rear wall.

The ailing woman, mother of three lamented that she experienced severe pains in her legs in 2011 and treated herself with the usual ‘pain killer’ tablets as being prescribed by many medical practitioners.

She explained that the pain subsided but then worsened in August this year, something that prompted her to seek proper medication. As soon as I got to Mawah Clinic, the doctors said that the case was serious and they referred me to JFK where the doctors there me I had hole on the two sides of my pelvis and that the situation should be tackled immediately.

According to her, she was advised to visit the Tappita Hospital in Nimba County, where the surgery for her situation would be performed at the cost of US$ 1,000, including her transportation and feeding, while carrying out the treatment.

Quizzed on what she wanted, Madam Doboyou said she is calling on philanthropists; religious communities as well as the public to assist her with the required amount to enable her seek medication and regain her health.

Already doctors have advised her not to walk long distances since the bones that are protecting the pelvis were no longer strong enough, unless the surgery is performed.

“Right now, I am not working and my children are out of school. I was dismissed from the Reliable Security Firm because I am no longer capable of performing my duty due to this situation that I am faced with,” Madam Doboyou lamented.

She stated that once she recovers from the surgery, she will continue to work to support her kids as she had done since the death of their father.

According to Madam Doboyou, who resides in the Bardnersville community and any assistance to ensure her surgery should be channeled through the INQUIRER on cell numbers 0886-524-580 and 0886-516-533.