Mary Broh Apologizes, Asks For Another Chance…Senate Concurs With House On Budget

By Alva M. Wolokolie

Former Monrovia City Mayor, Madam Mary T. Broh, has openly extended her apology to the 53rd National Legislature and the Liberian people for any offences she may have thrown out against them or individual(s) and pleaded to be given a second chance.

Madam Broh has been in the heat of controversies   with members of the 53rd legislature for several months since she allegedly prevented former Montserrado Superintendent Grace T. Kpaan from incarceration at the Monrovia Central Prison. Grace T. Kpaan was ordered detained by the 53rd House of Representatives for what members of that August body described as impediment of legislative functions.

This incident led to the resignation of Madam Broh followed by Supt. Kpaan too because the plenary of the House wrote President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf highlighting a non-compliance posture on her two officers.

Broh has been out of appointed position since then but was later seen at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, passport division assisting Liberians obtain their books, a request she honored based on the intervention of the President when some discrepancies were noticed there.

She was then re-nominated as City Mayor of Monrovia last month but the Senate could not conduct a confirmation  hearing due to a resolution they earlier signed with the Lower House indicating that she was not a government material. President Sirleaf then withdrew her nomination after few weeks of delay on the part of the Senators.

Since this did not work, President Sirleaf however decided to appoint Madam Broh to the General Services Agency (GSA) as Director General. This agency is solely responsible for taking care of government assets or properties.

At yesterday’s confirmation hearing the Senate Standing Committee on Autonomous Agency headed by Bong County Senior Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, former Mayor Broh told the committee’s members if confirmed she would do everything to keep herself humble while carrying out the function of that entity of government.

When asked as to what she brings to the table as Director General of GSA, the tough talking former Mayor promised to decentralize GSA because the GSA is not limited to Monrovia only. At the GSA, Madam Broh said she will take along her management style where there would be an involvement of everyone on the job.

She highlighted human capacity, human resources, maintenance of government assets so that there would not be leakages of tax payers’ money. While also on the job according to Madam Broh if confirmed, she will get involved with organizational developments and create a center of attention for donor-funding like what she did at the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC).

“Honorable Senators, I have come to apologize for any offence. Please give me a chance; test me and see my work at GSA. It is time now we talk about transformation. I will try to humble myself while doing my job,” Broh assured.

In a related development, the Senate has concurred with the House of Representatives over the passage of the 2013/2014 fiscal budget.

At yesterday’s regular session, the Senate chairman on Ways, Means and Finance Lofa County Senator Sumo G. Kupee said the Senate did not make any addition or subtraction to the budget that came from the Lower House which is in the amount of over US$553m.

But the Senate included 13,000 names of teachers, health workers and chiefs who have been working for over three years without being placed on government’s payroll.

Sen. Kupee said monies that were allotted in the budget by the Lower House for legislative projects will be used to address the salary of those 13,000 workers. There has been no increment for civil servants as was expected. The budget will now be sent to the President to sign into law followed by subsequent disbursement.