Liberians Cautioned To Train… As Several Lauded For Marathon Participation

By Edwin G. Wandah

Several Liberians have been caution to double up their efforts in taking physical fitness as a normal training and part of their lives in accordance with International Standard which is the acceptable way everyone is taking.

The call was made after the 2013 Liberia’s Marathon which was characterized by silence and complete quietness on the faces residents in Monrovia when several Liberians abandoned their businesses and even Christians left their worship centers to participate in the International event.

The race begun in early hours of Sunday morning August 25, 2013 with several high profile personalities to ran, including Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf dressed in her usual sports wears jeans and sneakers and US Ambassador Debora Malac to cover the 10-kilometer race closed her house in Sinkor.

With friendship and handshake, the two leaders, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and US Ambassador Debora Malac covered long distances of running during the Marathon 10-kilometer race, with smiles and anxiety on the faces of hundreds of people standing by.

Speaking to journalists, several University students on various Liberian Universities felt proud to see their country transcending from periods of wars and destruction to peace and unity.

They lauded the President of Liberia Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for showing up for the Marathon and praised here for at least participating in the International event.

At the occasion, the Liberian leader President Sirleaf eluded that many runners who were looking to a future when West Africa might emerge as a force in the distance-running world.

She said the event was one of a few to have sprung up in the region in the last few years according to; according to President Sirleaf, Liberia and Sierra Leone held its second marathon earlier this year, and Gabon will host its first in November of this year 2013.

The Liberian leader further said that, two East African Countries; Kenya and Ethiopia are the world’s undisputed marathon leaders, with their high-altitude training camps and their runners’ longstanding dominance of major races.