Oil Industry Can Employ All Liberians…Says Expert

By Alva M. Wolokolie

The Ghanaian Expert who advised the Liberian Senate to legislate a law creating a separate account for oil revenue that would be generated says if all structures are put in place properly, the oil sector can create jobs for all 4.19 million people.

Speaking on a local radio talk show yesterday, Mr. Kwame Jantuah told radio audience that Liberia has a unique situation when it comes to development and population unlike the Republic of Ghana with about 25.37 million, according to 2012 census report.

Mr. Jantuah who is here to provide his opinion as Expert in the oil industry on the draft Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act of 2013 explained that in order for all Liberians to get employment in the oil sector, an individual needs to be innovative and should not be spoon-fed.

He mentioned that once drilling process begins, Liberians must take the initiative to venture into programs that would support the smooth operation of the industry.

For example, Mr. Jantuah said it would be necessary that Liberians get involved with agriculture because those in the oil industry need more vegetables and fruits when working upstream, middle stream and downstream.

Commenting on whether the discovery of oil could be a curse or blessing for Liberians, Mr. Jantuah said he cannot say for now that oil in Liberia could be a blessing or not but with the legislation of good laws followed by its implementation, there would be prospect for all 4.19 million Liberians.

Mr. Jantuah is expected to give another opinion on the Petroleum Act to members of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Lands, Mines and Energy today, at the Capitol Building.