NUOD Blasts Lawmakers

The National Union of Organizations of the Disabled (NUOD) says Article 4.4.1, c within the new Education Law of Liberia is highly discriminatory as it demonstrates inhumane feelings towards children with disabilities.

Speaking at a press conference at NUOD National office the President of the organization, Rev. Fallah Boima said, “Despite the significant inputs made by the National Commission on Disabilities and persons with disabilities during the enactment of this Law, the 53nd Legislature chose to ignore the inputs of persons with disabilities.”

The NUOD President said the institution has resolved to embark on several actions to compel the 53rd Legislature to repeal the highly discriminatory law and those laws that discriminate and deny children with disabilities the right to be included and to freely participate in obtaining education.

Among the several actions that NUOD is anticipating include setting up a committee of various stakeholders to engage members of the Legislature, to engage the Legislators in their various counties and districts with members of NUOD chapters in the counties and to stage a protest sit-in action at the Legislature if the need arrives.

Meanwhile, NUOD has categorically denounced a recent statement made by the Vice President for Public Affairs of the University of Liberia (UL), Dr. Momolu Getaweh that the State ran institution cannot enroll blind and deaf because the school does not have trained manpower, equipment and other necessary materials to cater to them.

According to Liberia’s activist for persons with disabilities, Daintowon Paybayee, “we want to challenge Dr. Getaweh to make public the studies they have conducted that revealed that it is impossible to have blind and deaf students enrolled and study at the UL without specialized equipment and manpower other than what is now available for all students.”

The young activist used the occasion to call on the Government of Liberia to force the University of Liberia to commence the immediate enrollment of the blind and deaf students in line with the reasonable accommodation as specified within the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to which Liberia is a signatory and has ratified and deposited at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.