Liberian Educator Urges UN On ICC Issue

A Liberian educator Mr. William Towah has called on the United Nations to review its relationship agreement with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to make it mandatory for all countries of that body to be party to the ICC treaty on the issue of human rights.  In an article released in Monrovia this week, Mr. Towah, who is pursuing his Ph.D in Public Policy and Administration at the Walden University, USA. noted that the situation where, citizens of some countries are exempted from the due process of justice is in itself an inequality.

He went on: “The United States, China, and Russia, all permanent members of the Security Council must ratify the Rome Statute and so to allow fairness in the global quest to fighting crimes against human rights and dignity. Investigation of human rights abuse must also go beyond the African continent.”

He said it is inappropriate that while African leaders are being charged for war crimes, similar crimes committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Cuba and many others are not given due processes.

He said, “If the Court can allow that, such crimes be investigated by national judiciaries of these countries, then Africans should be given the right to face trials in their own national courts as well. Otherwise, equity and justice are not served. It is only when this is done that many in Africa would have the trust of the court that, its operations are not only targeted solely at the African continent.”

Mr. Towah, a former guest lecturer at the Saint Mary’s (Catholic) University of Minnesota and lecturer at the University of Liberia, pointed out that in order for the United Nations to adhere to its mandate to promoting equality, there must be equal rights to all individuals in the employment system.

‘Segmented equality in its truest sense assures equal pay for equal work, and manner of application within UN system is flawed. There must be room wherein competent nationals in the employed of the UN should have the right to earn the same kind of remuneration allotted to international staff; by this, equity would have prevailed, ‘ he said. Read full Text Of Article Inside.