In Dynasty Combat Sports In The United States: 24-Year Liberian Crowned Champion

24 year old Liberian native born Dwight Trokon Joseph CKA “Jaytee” has earned the belt and been crowned the Dynasty Combat Sports Featherweight (145 pounds) Champion in the state of Nebraska in the United States of America.

On August 24, 2013, Dwight Joseph competed in his sixth Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bout. Joseph the son of Liberia’s eminent Certified Public Accountant Theo. Joseph of Baker Tilly Liberia made his MMA debut on April 28, 2012 as a Featherweight.All of his fights have been in this weight class except for his second fight on June 30, 2012, which he fought at Lightweight (155 pound weight class). After going 5-0, Joseph was awarded a Title Fight for the Dynasty Combat Sports vacant Featherweight belt on August 24, 2013. Formerly known as Disorderly Conduct, the organization changed their name to Dynasty Combat Sports for more opportunities with sponsors and advertisers.

It has been disclosed that Joseph’s opponent Morgan Schulz stood with a record of 4-1. The two were actually scheduled to fight on December 15, 2012. Schulz had to pull out of the fight due to insufficient training. Schulz was on a four fight win streak and he won a number one contender fight against Joseph’s fourth opponent James Reed on July 6, 2013 to earn the Title Fight against Joseph.

Joseph defeated Reed on March 30, 2013 for Victory Fighting Championship via an arm triangle submission. The two fighters, Liberia’s Dwight Joseph and Morgan Schulz had three common opponents before they met in the cage.

When asked about getting the Title Fight Dwight Joseph said:  “The promoter called me mid-July and asked me what my schedule looked like for the end of August. I told him I was free and he asked me if I would like a Title Fight. I told him sure, and I had no idea who my opponent was until the poster came out two weeks later.”

The fight was the main event of the night and everybody was excited to see who would be the 145 pound Champion. “After the fight was announced, I could tell people were excited to see me get this opportunity.

I trained hard for this fight, just like I do for all my fights. I treated this just like any other fight because I wanted this fight to feel the same as my other fights and I didn’t want any extra pressure”, Dwight Joseph recalled.

The official weigh ins was at 7:00pm on August 23, 2013. Both fighters weighed in at 145 pounds.

Reflecting on the moment that followed Joseph is quoted as saying:”After the weigh ins I went up to my hotel room to relax.It was a weird day to be fighting, let alone fighting for a Title.

August 24th is Liberia’s Flag Day and on top of that, it’s my mother’s birthday. So I had to put all of that to the side and stay mentally focused. On August 24th leading up to the fight, I definitely felt some nerves and anxiety. For the first time my fight was one of the last fights of the night. I regained my focus and by the time I got done warming up I was ready to go”.

The bouts are usually scheduled for 3 three minute rounds but since this was a Championship fight, the fight was scheduled for 3 four minute rounds. The fight started and Joseph won the first round by controlling the action on the feet and on the ground.

The second round started just like the first with Joseph controlling the action for about half the round on the feet.

Halfway through the round, Schulz took control of the round working the clinch and scoring two takedowns on Joseph. Ending the round on top and possibly stealing the round and gaining some momentum.

According to Joseph “”I went into the third round knowing he  {Schulz}probably stole the second round, and we were one round a piece, so I had to win the third round to win this fight.”

The third round started like the first two rounds with Joseph controlling the action on the feet. Almost halfway through the round Schulz landed a head kick on Joseph and immediately after that Joseph followed up with a combination of punches ending with a head kick that floored Schulz.

Joseph followed through with some punches to end the fight but Schulz proved to be tough by surviving the barrage. Joseph ended up on top in a dominant position and after a short scramble, Joseph ended up mounted on Schulz’s back.

After some more punches and scramble, Joseph was persistent and maintained position on the back of Morgan Schulz, while trying to work in the rear naked choke (a choke from behind your opponent). Joseph eventually sank in the choke and seconds later Schulz tapped out, a sign of giving up. This submission earned Joseph the victory.

In a show of good sportsmanship Joseph and Schulz hugged and congratulated each other on a tough fight.

Dwight Joseph won the belt and was crowned the Dynasty Combat Sports Featherweight (145) Champion. Both fighters were awarded Fight of the Night later during the night for their battle. “He was definitely one of my toughest opponents”, Joseph said.

Dwight Joseph who attended the Early Learning Foundation School and the J. J. Roberts United Methodist school in Liberia, is a graduate of Doane College in Crete, Nebraska with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.