Finance Employees Against Merger

Some aggrieved employees of the Ministries of Finance and Planning AND Economic Affairs yesterday took to the streets in protest of what they alleged as an action taken by the Finance Minister, Amara Konneh, to redundant them from the two Ministries.

According to the group of protesters, the latest action by Finance Minister Konneh is in gross violation of their rights to equal job opportunities as promised by Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that she and the Unity Party-led Government were going to provide at least 20,000 jobs annually to Liberian citizens when elected to power.

Speaking at the Capitol Building yesterday, the Interim Chairman of the aggrieved employees, Mr. Levala B. Walker said those who took to the streets to reclaim their jobs were doing so to appeal to the lawmakers.

According to him, the Ministries of Finance and Planning have been separately functioning with several employees and it is inhumane to reduce the staffs since the pending merger` was to take place. According to Mr. Walker, they are not against the merger, but said certain proportion within the Merger was unacceptable.

“We are not against any thing that has to do with merger, we embrace the idea to the highest esteem; especially, what has to do with the development of our democracy,” Mr. Walker stated.

Presenting a position statement at the Capitol Building yesterday, the Chief Spokesman and Interim Chairman of the aggrieved employees Lavela B. Walker said, documents in their position spoke of reducing the staff of both Ministries to at least 451 persons instead of the more than 2000 employees currently employed.

He said, he read snaps from their official statement “Position Statement of the Ministry of Finance Civil Servant Association (MOF-CSA) regarding the dissolution and creation of a New Ministry called, the Ministry of Ministry of Finance and Development Planning”.

Meanwhile, in the first two paragraphs of the statement, the employees expressed dissatisfaction and regrets over the steps taken by the Ministry of Finance to oust them out of their employ. “To our utter surprise and amazement, the proponents of this exercise hope to render nearly ninety percent of the combined employees of the dissolved Ministries under the guise of enhancing the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) and ensure that the development agenda of the government is achieved”.

However, several aggrieved employees of the Ministries of Finance and Planning took to the Streets to protest against an act which calls to redundant more than 2000 employees. According to the protesters, the Ministry of Finance had 2100 in its employ, while, the Ministry of Planning had about 800 employees, but according to the merger when passed in to law at the Capitol, the number of employees will be reduced to 451 employees.