Dep. Police Boss Apologizes…For Obstruction Of Senator’s Car

By Alva M. Wolokolie

Deputy Police Director for Operation Col. Abraham Kromah has escaped legislative contempt charge after he proffered an apology to the Liberian Senate for alleged obstruction of legislative functions on Tuesday September 9, 2013.

Col. Kromah was summoned yesterday by the plenary of the Senate based on a complaint filed by Gbarpolu County Senior Senator J.S.B. Theodore Momo. Sen. Momo wrote plenary that while on his way to work on Monday, September 9, 2013, at the Congo Town Police Depot, he decided to join a police escort that was on a terrific speed on the left lane of the Tubman’s Boulevard.

At that moment, Sen. Momo told his fellow Senators in his communication that an unidentified police officer told him (Sen. Momo) that he has received instruction from the high-ups that no vehicle should ply the opposite lane while driving to central Monrovia.

The Gbarpolu Senator said he immediately identified himself to the police officer as Senator of Gbarpolu County but the police officer along with other officers assigned at the Congo Town Zone 3 sub-station refused to allow him travel the opposite lane which was used by the police convoy.

After he was denied by the police officer, Sen. Kromah indicated that he decided to formally write plenary to invite    Col. Kromah who has direct mandate over police operations to answer why he should not be held in contempt for obstructing legislative functions as written in Article 44 of the 1986 Constitution.

In response to Sen. Momo’s accusation, Col. Kromah took the witness stand and openly extended his apology to the Senator Momo, the people of Gbarpolu whom he represents and the entire 30 members of the Senate.

The police chief said after the incident, he was informed by Senate Pro Tempore Gbehzohnzar M. Findley and so he immediately ordered an investigation into the matter and promised that an action will be taken against the police officer involved.

“What happened on Monday is regrettable. I have come to extend my heartfelt apology to the Sen. Momo first and the people of Gbarpolu County. I take full responsibility of what happened and I have come to ask for forgiveness for the misconduct of my officer,’ Col. Kromah asserted.

Still in an apologetic mood, Col. Kromah told the Senators that the police as an institution will not support any officer disrespecting the functions of any lawmaker. He explained although he was not on the scene to curtail the problem but he takes the blame for everything that occurred that day between the police officer and Sen. Momo.

Almost all of the Senators spoke on the subject and blasted the Deputy Police Chief for not instructing his men to adhere to the Senator’s request.

After a motion was made by Grand Gedeh County Senator Isaac W. Nyenabo that Col. Kromah should write an official apology to the Senate followed by an investigation into the matter and report to plenary, Senate Pro Tempore Findley instructed Kromah to publish the apology in three different newspapers and distribute a copy to each Senator today, September 11, Friday, September 13, and Monday, September 16, 2013 respectively.