Taking Note Of The President’s Challenge

PRESIDENT ELLEN JOHNSON Sirleaf has urged newly commissioned officials of government to jealously guard the public trust, serve with abiding faith, and with rekindled love for country and diligence to duty.

“THIS CEREMONY IS a call to you to develop the rectitude that enables you to challenge wrong and to find the inspiration to do even more to restore the willfully damaged reputation of your country; yours is a public duty to stand tall when the wind blows and the arrows fall; to stand tall when success becomes the reason for failure,” the Liberian leader challenged her officials, adding, “Yours is a calling to national duty, to service above self, to help your country achieve a potential that is within reach.”

ACCORDING TO AN Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf made these remarks when she commissioned 27 government officials during a ceremony in the Foreign Ministry’s C. Cecil Dennis Jr. Auditorium on Friday, September 6. The President reminded the newly commissioned officials that they are assuming public service and responsibility in a difficult political environment: “one when those who wrongly accuse, defame and attack you become the victors; when you adhere to the principles of your upbringing and your faith, you become a victim of blackmail and extortion; when hustlers become heroes through poisonous pens; when you refuse to join the clamor of rumor mongering and lies, your silence is mistaken as weakness to be exploited.” In such circumstances, she urged them to continue to stand firm and strong.

THE LIBERIAN LEADER used the occasion to reconfirm government’s commitment to all the freedoms that are now enjoyed within the reach of her powers. She renewed her government’s sacred pledge to continue to meet the needs of the people and to remain focused on development despite the distractions. “We will continue to do what is right and to place our faith in truth, which we know will always prevail,” she stated.

THIS IS A challenge to the newly commissioned officials of government. We concur with the Liberian leader that they must by all costs jealously guard the public trust, serve with abiding faith, and with rekindled love for country and diligence to duty.

MANY TIMES PEOPLE entrusted with state power disappoint the public trust repose in them and fail to serve with diligence and are at times overtaken by pride and greed thus, failing the one who appointed them to state power.

LET THE NEWLY commissioned officials take serious note of the president’s challenge to them so as to guide themselves against vices that are inimical to the promotion of good governance. In so doing, they will be helping the President in implementing her developmental agenda, because if the government fails the citizens, they all will be held accountable for the failure.

AGAIN, WE CALL on our newly commissioned officials to do everything possible in guarding the public trust reposed in them by President Sirleaf and serve with abiding faith. This is the best way of demonstrating your love for your country and being diligence to duty.