NAEAL Observes Int’l Literacy Day

As part of it responsibility to create awareness on adult education through adult literacy program, the National Adult Education Association of Liberia (NAEAL) in collaboration with Finnish Refuge Council (FRC) on Saturday September 7, 2013 celebrated the observance of International Literacy Day in Grand Cape Mount County.

International Literacy Day is always observed on September 8 of every year throughout the world. NAEAL as an implementer of adult literacy program in Liberia prudently reached a decision to take this year celebration in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County as part of the International Literacy Day celebration which will officially be observed on Monday September 9, 2013 by the government through Ministry of Education.

NAEAL in partnership with FRC see the celebration in Grand Cape Mount as another means of creating awareness in that part of the country on the importance of adult literacy program.

The celebration started with a grand parade through the principal street of Robertsport and was climaxed with an indoor program held at the Robertsport Centennial Memorial Hall. The program brought together residents from two districts in GrandCape Mount County.

Delivering a keynote address during the celebration, NAEAL Vice Chairman, Rev. Toby Gbeh says no country will progress if majority of its citizens are illiterate. He stressed that the celebration is necessary because it will enable people who have not hear about adult education to have the full opportunity to have the basic concept of adult education.

Vice Chairman Gbeh called on female adults to embarrass their husband in pursue of adult education because it is their right to be literate. He cautioned women not to necessarily wait for their husband before taking advantage of adult education instead take the challenge by taking advantage of adult literacy program.

Accordingly, the vice chairman noted that in the 21 century, education is the pilot for development and as such everyone should have the basic concept of education. He applauded those adults who have already taking the initiative to acquire adult education through literacy program.

For his part, the Resident Representative of FRC, Markku Vesikko stressed the need for government to allot more money into adult literacy program. He said fueling more fund into adult education will help reduce the illiteracy rate in the country. He assured FRC commitment to adult education in Liberia so as to make the country literate.

At the same time, the Executive Director of NAEAL, Desterlyn Allen said NAEAL is always committed in undertake literacy program throughout the country. She urged adults to consider education as continue process and therefore not too late to learn.

NAEAL Executive Director further noted that NAEAL has been in most parts of the country implementing adult literacy program. Allen said through the program, some adults can proudly spell their names and know their phone numbers. She said NAEAL program has enable more Liberians to have basic concept of education and how to manage or establish small business. She therefore called on Liberian adults to always take advantage of adult literacy program.

An elder of Robertsport, Holda A. Pusah who interpreted vai script recommended to the Liberian government to consider the teaching of Vai in school.

NAEAL at the end of the program certificated 51 facilitators who successfully work with NAEAL during the implementation of its literacy program.