Lebanese Community Awards Scholarships

By Charles Yates

The World Lebanese Culture Union of Liberia (WLCU) has awarded 150 scholarships to deserving students of the University of Liberia.

Those expected to benefit from the scholarship, according to the Lebanese community, are students from the business and agriculture colleges.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the president of the Lebanese community, Ezzat Eid said the community will absorb those students from the business college upon graduation.

Mr. Eid said the Lebanese community will continue to remain partner to the government and people of Liberia. He said they have always been there for the University of Liberia.

Receiving the over LD 800,000.00, the vice president for Academic Affairs, Dr.  Wade Elliot Brownell thanked the Lebanese community for the gesture and promised to award it to deserving students.

She described the scholarship as significant investment to the country and said it will benefit the country in a long run.

The UL faculty said, “If you are financially poor, you should be intellectually rich to benefit from these scholarships.” She added that the scholarship will help some girls and boys go to school.