FAO, GoL, Embassy Of China Welcome Back 9 Agro Technicians

A well-attended welcome back program for nine (9) Liberian agro-technicians who recently undertook a study tour to the People’s Republic of China took place today at the Ministry of Agriculture in Monrovia.

The technicians along with South-South Cooperation National Project Coordinator Zubah Gorvego and South-South Cooperation Team Leader Li Zhi on August 17th embarked on an eleven-day study tour to China that took them to large agricultural sites and agro-machinery plants. The study tour was aimed at enabling beneficiaries acquire hands-on skills and experiences to return and replicate same to other Liberians.

Speaking on behalf of the Country Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Mr Jean-Alexandre Scaglia, Assistant FAO Country Representative and Officer-in-Charge Mrs. Thelma Dahn-Debrah, recalled the longstanding ties between FAO and the Governments of China and Liberia. She said: “FAO is uplifted and honored to see our young agro-technicians achieve such a milestone…

This project therefore is another clear manifestation of FAO, Governments of China and Liberia’s commitment to Liberia’s food security efforts. Our young technicians who just returned from China are the seeds, roots, branches, and fruits of that aspiration.”

Deputy Agriculture Minister for Administration Mrs. Seklau Wiles urged the young technicians not to use their China experiences to show off but “to get down there, apply what you have learned, and work with the farmers.” She said every Liberian “can make a difference if we all take agriculture seriously as there are lots of fertile land spaces in the country.”

The Economic and Commercial Consular of the Embassy of China in Monrovia, Mr. Liu Yunbiao, saluted the participants for the trip and expressed optimism that they will now work with other Liberians in the application of their visit experiences.

He then used the occasion to inform Liberians that one reason why agriculture in China developed fast was because the Government of China formulated the right policies and implemented them.

He emphasized that “Chinese agriculture policies consider every aspect of the wellbeing of farmers.” He further urged participants to now compare what they saw in China with Liberia and adopt best practices that work well for this country.

PowerPoint presentations and personal experiences of participants characterized the welcome back program. Agro-technicians described the visit as rewarding, touching, and beneficial.