“Develop The Mind, Develop The Future

Develop the Mind, Develop the Future is an ideology, a philosophy, a concept that represents and symbolizes the splendid ultimate success of a purpose and vision driven life.  We believe in the promise of Liberia for a triumphant and better future, and the reason we at DIGWFECOE, are united by purpose and vision to go into all the counties of Liberia, with programs of literacy and enlightenment designed to lift the people out of poverty, illiteracy and despair.

We believe in the social contract of Liberia, for an improved standard of living for all Liberians working together in unity; and therefore, feel a mutual sense of responsibility, to facilitate cultivating the expectation of ordinary Liberians in isolated and rural communities in particular, to a consciousness that is only available in urban and semi-urban  populations.  We believe the welfare of one Liberian is bound to the welfare of all Liberians.  Mindful that the common enemy that provokes resentment and exasperation among people once full of confidence and action and now distracted by post conflict scenarios, are idleness and despair.  These blunt the sense of reality so that what pervades, are negativity and pessimism which are potentially detrimental to the society, if not duly quenched.  We at DIGWFECOE sense the urgency of this quandary to do something to help transform despair into hope and idleness into service; by first, stepping outside the narrow confines of our personal interests and individual prejudices and become interested and involved in the larger challenges of our one people.

In Norman Vincent Peale’s Anthology “Courage and Confidence”, he argues that: ” in idleness  alone is perpetual despair.”  When contracted with Wendell Berry’s Treaties- What are people for – “…it is despair that sees the work failing in one’s own failure”; so that when there is despair in a society, the society is easily overwhelmed by distractions.  The challenges are many but the laborers are few; such that, Liberians must build our own capacity and become more participants in the affairs of our communities. DIGWFECOE braves this challenge by propagating and promulgating the ideology,  ” DEVELOP THE MIND, DEVELOP THE FUTURE” in an effort to engender the necessary confidence to direct the relevant actions for transformation and makeover.  There are two elements to this philosophy, “Develop the Mind, Develop the Future”; the first element is:


a.     Develop the Mind relates to character development and skills training including formal education. Who are Liberians and what makes Liberians different from other nationality?  Emphasis is not necessarily on geographical boundaries, but on what animates the Liberian curiosity, creativity and inspires Liberians to action? Perhaps education, training, skills, personal habits, competitive instincts, sense of reality and obligation; competence, temperament, moral fiber and devotion to duty and the ability to apply these efficiently and effectively for the common good; character will help differentiate and set Liberians apart from others.  Character development is a major factor that will help determine whether or not you will achieve that destination or goal.

The objective must be definitive, definite and specific. The Holy Bible teaches us to “write the vision and make it plain”. It must neither lack cohesion, specificity nor objectivity, bearing in mind the main or principal perspective always, holding that perspective in the conscious mind until fixated into the subconscious mind by the process of spiritual and intellectual osmosis. When the infusion is complete and when this happens, confidence is properly assimilated, distraction and indecision become voidable, action become realistic and practical for the developed future or happy life.

b.     Develop the Mind also relates to Destiny and destination; who Liberians want to Be?  Liberians are not Americans, Liberians are not Ghanaians, Liberian are not Nigerians, Liberians are not Sierra Leoneans or other nationality.  Liberians are uniquely Liberians, endowed by the “Creator” with certain thrilling actualities, among which, are: (1) the first Independent Black Republic in Africa (2), the only Black signatory to the formation of the United Nations and its progenitor, the League of Nations (3), the only beacon of hope that inspired the independent aspirations of African states and (4), possessing the first female president on the continent.  Liberians must now begin to live out the true meaning, nature and creed of our destiny which we must fulfilled.  Where are Liberians going as a people, and why are Liberians destined for that destination?  First, Liberia is a nation specifically created and inhabited by a unique people and royal priesthood destined to fulfill God’s purpose in Africa.  Second, Liberians are marching forward, toward the appointed destination of service to God, service to humanity and to live in peace, harmony and prosperity with one another.

c.      Develop the Mind also relates to Strategy and plan of action; the Key to unlocking the system of sufficiency, which is getting to your desired place. The challenges are many and tremendous, sometimes even overpowering, but the opportunity is glorious recognizing, that risks are factors necessary for success.  Norman Vincent Peale recounting scripture says, “O Lord, Thou givest us everything at the price of an effort”; [and the requirement of time.]  “Time” being  the inexplicable occurrence attached to the attainment of the common good, and nothing is revealed or realized without it, the adoption of an attitude of gratitude along the way, is imperative to the cultivation of a positive self image going forward; understanding fully that it matters not, whether you are without cash or script.  For whatsoever you arrogate to yourself become a part of you and your personality; so caution should be exercised at all times.

Strategy inspires discipline, self-sacrifice, self-awareness, devotion to duty, capacity for good will and service, etc. Strategy also requires knowledge of practical information and skills about the particular destination of pursuit, and the ability to articulate that knowledge, understanding and familiarity clearly.

The second element to this dogma is:


Develop the Future relates to self-expression, self-fulfillment, self-realization and gratification, having arrived at your destination. The ecstatic feeling of great delight and happiness, standing triumphantly at the summit of your full evolution and growth, capturing the “Liberian Dream” of a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Accordingly, in our pursuit of full development, i.e. the developed future, the enlightened nation, the exquisite joy of a grateful life and a just society, DIGWFECOE proposes adherence to the “law of reverence”, to do others as you expect others to do you; breach of this duty, may appropriate to oneself, the trepidation of fear, the uneasiness of guilt and the nervousness and violence of hostility so that gradually, we feel abandoned, forsaken, isolated, and even under threat. We believe in the promise of Liberia, and DIWFECOE is motivated to help develop the Liberian mind in order to develop a secured future.

“O Lord, Thou givest us everything at the price of an effort.”

Dr. Isaac Wiles

Founder and CEO



Email: dr.isaacwiles@yahoo.com