Bong Citizens Take Issue With Senator Taylor’s Office

Citizens of Fuamah District, lower Bong County have strongly condemned comments attributed to the office of the county Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor against Representative Gorpu Barclay.

The office of Senator Taylor Thursday September 5, 2013, alleged that Representative Barclay has failed the people of the district despite receiving over three million US-dollars from the China Union Concession  company for development purposes.

But the citizens through their spokesman Richard Kollie termed the claims by the office of the senator as false and only intended to tarnish the high earned reputation of her fellow lawmaker.

Mr. Kollie said contrary to the claims by the office of the senator, Representative Barclay has positively impacted the lives of citizens of Fuamah District through her personal development initiatives.

He named some of the initiatives as the erection of a community radio station, the construction and rehabilitation of damaged bridges as well as a clinic and school to address the health care delivery system and the educational needs of the two districts including Sanoyea.

According to the citizens, Representative Barclay has constantly engaged the management of China Union to live up with its agreement between it and the government of Liberia.

The citizens said they are surprised for the office senator Taylor to accuse their Representative of receiving huge funds from the company without providing the facts.

They however threatened to vote against Senator Taylor in the impending 2014 special senatorial election in the county if she continues her media unsought against her fellow lawmakers.

Meanwhile Representative Barclay has threatened legal action the political officer in the office of Senator Taylor Malvin Cole.

According to the lawmaker her pending lawsuit against Mr. Cole is intended for him to provide factual details on his claims that she received over three million US-dollars from China Union Investment for development purposes.