ECOWAS Court Has Limited Jurisdiction…Says Min. Tah

By Charles B. Yates

Liberian lawyers who have volunteered their services to represent Front Page Africa Managing Editor and Publisher, Rodney Sieh   at the Court of the Economic Community of West African Countries (ECOWAS) have been warned by the Minister of Justice, Christina Tah digest the documents well before venturing into the case.

Minister Tah explained that the ECOWAS Court has limited jurisdiction over the decision of the Supreme Court of Liberia and as such, lawyers representing Journalist Sieh must also take that into consideration and read the relevant document properly before going to face the ECOWAS Court. She reiterated that the Supreme Court of Liberia is the highest and final arbiter of justice in the country.

According to her, the Government of Liberia has nothing to do with the ruling that was handed down by the Civil Law Court of Liberia in the case involving Journalist Rodney Sieh and former Agriculture Minister, Chris Toe.

Minister Tah clarified that the presence of Police officers at the JFK Hospital, where Journalist Sieh is presently admitted is intended to provide security since he has been convicted under the Law of Liberia.

Minister Tah said she has gathered information that Lawyers representing Front Page Africa Newspaper and its Editor Rodney Sieh are in the process of taking an appealing to the ECOWAS Court following a guilty verdict ruling from the Civil Law Court of Liberia in the US$1.6 million Libel case against their client Rodney Sieh.

The Justice Minister also suggested that instead of going from one radio talk-show to the next to confuse their listening audience on the roiling, those lawyers should take time off to visit the library and read properly.

In another development, the Government of Liberia says it will pursue the Ellen Crockrun Economic Sabotage case. Minister Tah said no amount of blackmail from madam Crockrun will stop the government from persuading the case.

She said the series of recordings being released by madam Crockrun will not deter the government but has rather added more vigor to the government legal team. Justice Minister Tah said the government is in the process of seeking some legal services in the United State to serve the indictees with the writ.

She said the Liberian Government is also working closely with the United State Government in the process to have the inductee extradited for trial in line with the US government legal system.