Chevron Donates Medical Supplies To Redemption Hospital

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Authorities of the Redemption Hospital in the borough of New Kru Town were happy recipients of a huge consignment of medical supplies and equipment valued at over US$70,000. The consignment was donated by Chevron Liberia yesterday.

The Country Manager of Chevron Liberia, Karl Cottrell said those equipments and supplies were intended to equip the Hospital and to enhance the works of the doctors, nurses and health workers as they endeavor to save lives and also provide medical attention to their patients.

Mr. Cottrell who made the donation on behalf of his entity explained that the donation was Chevron’s way of buttressing the Government’s efforts in promoting health care throughout the country.

The Chevron Country Manager expressed hope that those supplies would be useful in improving the welfare of the patients and that the health workers and medical practitioners would use their expertise in handling these equipment as they execute their duties.

Mr. Cottrell who also pleaded with the Redemption Hospital Medical Team to use the supplies wisely and also be vigilant in carrying out their tasks assured them that Chevron Liberia will continue its commitment to providing quality medical equipments to the Hospital to enable the doctors and health workers do their job professionally, especially in saving lives.

Mr. Cottrell lauded the General Administrator of the Redemption Hospital, Mr. Tobias Bowen and his staff for the great impact they have made in providing proper health care to their patients.

The General Administrator of Redemption Hospital, Tobias Bowen, commended Chevron Liberia for choosing the Hospital as its beneficiary for the medical supplies.

Mr. Bowen assured Chevron Liberia that the supplies would be used wisely and the staff will also remain committed to its oath in saving and protecting the lives of its patients.

Mr. Bowen also commended Chevron Liberia who has partnered with the Redemption Hospital over the years in contributing various kinds of supplies to the hospital, something that has greatly transformed the institution.