Ahwavbera Conferred High Chieftaincy Title

A senior elder of the sub regional group, ECOWAS Citizens Union Liberia and Chairman of the Council of Elders of the Nigerian Community of Liberia Mr. Joseph B. Ahwavbera has been conferred the distinguished title of Chief ORUGBA of the Ovieofarh Awarien Kingdom, Delta State Nigeria.

The conferment of the Chieftaincy title was conducted over the week end by the His Royal Highness LHRH] King Okukeren 111, of the Ovieofarh Awarien Kingdom who was on visit to this country.

Chief Ahwavbera a descendant of the Ovieofarh Awarien Kingdom himself was conferred the chieftaincy title for his outstanding role he is playing both in his ancestral land and here in Liberia for the betterment of human life.

According to King Okukeren, the Chieftaincy title Orugba means ‘a man of the people’ in his Kingdom. His Royal Highness King Okukeren said that Chief Ahwavbera has been an outstanding ambassador of the Ovieofarh Awarien Kingdom by the honest and hardworking life he lives hence, the conferment of this distinguished honor.

The colorful occasion was graced by an array of people including some High Chiefs of the Orhoboland in Liberia. Prominent amongst the high Chiefs was the venerable High Chief Abel Okagbari.

Others in attendance at the ceremony were the Chairman ECOWAS Citizens Union in Liberia, Hon. Yahaya E. Jalingo and Alhaji Baba Mahmoud, Chairman of the National Muslim Congress in Liberia.

The title of High Chief is a venerable title and higher than ordinary Chief. It is the reverse of the most distinguished in society.