Young Liberian Joins Montserrado 2014 Senatorial Race…Promises Equal Opportunities For All

By Edwin G. Wandah

As the 2014 Special Elections process is said to be building up, a young Liberian, Moustapha Kouyateh has expressed his intention to join the Montserrado Senatorial race.

The latest decision to join the race according to the young Liberian is intended to identify with his people and provide better leadership ability and also to improve their livelihood through representation in the Senate.

Mr. Kouyateh who hails from Nimba County resides in Monrovia in pursuit of education. He is a businessman,  an humanitarian, and the chief executive Officer of the Farafina Investment Group.

Mr. Moustapha Kouyateh was amongst many Liberians noted for identifying with their people and county. The young Liberian has extended much assistance to desiring youths and people desirous of secondary and college education.

The young Liberian has never forgotten his roots, he was amongst thousands of Liberians who sought peace for Liberia when there was no law and order in the country.

Mr. Kouyateh paid tribute to thousands of Liberians for accepting peace during the last decade  of the country’s history, “I would like to thank every Liberian for the undefined commitment to our peace process for the last decade of the silence of the guns”. Mr. Kouyateh stated.

The young Liberian also thanked the Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her outstanding leadership role, “Thanks to the ruling Unity Party, the opposition, and all meaningful Liberians for sustaining the peace we now enjoy”. Mr. Kouyateh also stated.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) recently released the time table for the 2014 Senatorial Elections for all  Liberians opting to run.