Daniel Johnson Asked To Contest Senatorial Race

River Gee County Superintendent, Daniel Johnson has been petitioned to contest the 2014 mid-term Senatorial Election for the county.

Superintendent Johnson was petitioned by some 1,428 delegates, over the weekend at the end of a four-day Consultative Conference, in River Gee County. The delegates who claimed that the River Gee County Superintendent is their only choice of candidate in the up-coming 2014 Senatorial race, represent various sections of electoral District # 3, including Lower River Gee County.

This latest development comes at a time when the 2014 mid-term Senatorial race is drawing closer, despite what appeared to be crafty efforts by powerful political opponents to keep Superintendent Johnson out of the race.

The Superintendent who is presently serving a one-month suspension for an unexplained charge that the Minister of Internal Affairs called violation of PPCC regulation, was not in the meeting, neither has he declared his intention to contest the upcoming Senatorial elections.

The delegates explained that the selection of Superintendent Johnson to contest the 2014 Election is based primarily on his persistent leadership and practical efforts to support grass-roots economic empowerment that would enable their families overcome the long prevailing adverse condition of hunger and poverty.

According to a statement issued by the citizens, Superintendent Johnson has been mobilizing and motivating River Gee Citizens to take advantage of Government support programs especially through Agriculture production as a business with focus on corporate work for each family to cultivate their land into viable commercial produce including Rice, Cocoa, Oil Palm, Rubber, Cassava, Plantains, Eddoes, Peppers, and Sugar Cane.

They pointed out that over 80% of the population in River Gee County survive and support their families on subsistence farming and that the River Gee Superintendent has been engaged in active farming since he is also a farmer who enjoys cultivating Rice, Cocoa and Rubber.

The citizens praised Superintendent Johnson for being the first superintendent of the County to organize a major two-phase Farmer’s leadership Conference where farmers in Upper River Gee and those in Lower River Gee respectively identified and openly discussed their constraints and recommended solutions to the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to them, as a result of the conference, farmers in River Gee are now benefiting, especially with the major boost from the Ministry of Agriculture in low land rice and Tree Crop cultivation under the on-going ASRP and WAAP project.

The conference said through the effort of the superintendent River Gee Citizens are organizing themselves into Credit Unions, Village Women Savings and Loan Associations, and ‘Susu’ Clubs which are now being supported by Central Bank, the United Nations Women Empowerment Program and other Financial Services Institutions in Towns and Villages across the County.

The citizens said they appreciate Superintendent Johnson for his effort to establish a Citizens-share- holding Micro Bank in the County under the support and guidance of Afriland First Bank Liberia and the Central Bank of Liberia which will be the First Bank in River Gee County to give out Micro Loans to Farmers, Small Business Owners, Credit Unions, Village Women Savings and Loan Associations, Market Women, Susu Clubs, and Employees.

The Conference also pointed out that Mr. Johnson, is the first Superintendent of the County to institute a County Scholarship and Student Assistance program, which is benefiting so many River Gee Students in various Colleges and Universities in Liberia to the relief of their poor parents.

The Conference described Superintendent Johnson as a grass-roots compassionate leader who has a deeper understanding of the plight of the poor people and his leadership is to provide capacity that would enable them eventually overcome their critical needs.

The Conference said Superintendent Johnson is a unifier who has succeeded in restoring Unity to River Gee County and has provided a vision and strategy of Grass-roots economic Empowerment. The  finally thanked all their other Sons and Daughters who have been making efforts to contest the Senatorial Seat in 2014, and asked them to join in supporting Superintendent Johnson who they consider most suitable for the up-coming election.