LEDFC Ends Empowerment W’shop

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr. ( Cub Reporter): The new Liberian Enterprise  Development Finance Company (LEDFC) holds workshop to empower Liberian businnesses.

In obsevence of the LEDFC’s seminar, Undetr the theme “ LEDFC Finicial Services  to Pontential Collaborating Parties in Infrasturcture and Development Projects Financing.the head of LEDFC Richard A. Wiafe said that LEDFC is to help upgrade Liberian-owned businesses, and to give Liberians the chance of becoming millionnaires.

Speaking at the end of the business Seminar held at Monrovia City Hall on Thursday, LEDFC Acting General Manager (AGM)  Richard A. Wiafe said that there is a need to enpower Liberians who find themselves into different kinds of businesses to help develop, and strengthen Liberians through financial access.

AGM. Wiafe stated further that liberians should take the opportunity given them to grow their businesses; he also said that Liberians are people with talents and with peaceful mind, so they at LEDFC feel proud working in line with Liberians to help develop, and strengthen Liberian-owened businesses financially.

One of Liberia’s eminent businessman ,George B. Kailando said that he joined the GGFC, and took credit and it was paid before the time sipulated, and it is all about good business pratice, and he is asking all liberians to take the same step to become managers.

Mr. Kailando pointed out that when he got certificate from Liberia Petrolum Refirming Company (LPRC) and took it at LEDFC there was no dealy in the process of the credit form, and LEDFC  gave him the chance of becoming a millionnaire, and he believes that other liberians can do likewise even more.

He then thanked the GGFC and LEDFC for such a great development and empowering program.